How to recreate Kim Kardashian’s eye makeup look in 3 simple steps

by Mansi Kohli

Yes, you can doll up your face like Kim Kardashian at home! Achieve a sexy look like hers in 3 simple eye makeup steps

The world may talk high and low about Kim Kardashian, but guess what, she has more than a million followers and cares less about the brickbats thrown at her. Now that’s what we call confidence. You may love her or hate her, but there’s no denying that the envious quotient of Kim’s makeup is well-pronounced. From cheeks contoured to finesse and the winged liner so immaculate, to the smokey eyes she flaunts; Kim’s flawless makeup styles are a rage across the globe. If you’ve tried and failed but yet want to give it another shot at dolling up like the diva herself, we bring to you three easy ways that would help you do so. Check them out!

Step 1:

You need to have the right primer and concealer, which allows you to prep the eyelids better before you color the lids with your choice of shadow. The right primer and concealer used would also prevent smudging from happening, and keeps the look long lasting too. A concealer is important to hide dark circles under the eyes, puffiness of the eyes, eye bags and any pigmentation too, which are known to bring down the allure of smokey eyes.

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Kim Kardashian eye makeup 04

Step 2:

Start by applying a little primer with a foundation brush over the lids, and then wipe the eyes with a soft brush using eye shadow in matte tones closest to your skin tone. The colors to choose for smokey eyes would typically be grays and blacks, but you can add a little shade of other colors of your own for a little pop surprise to happen. However, keep the shades of a similar hue! The aim here is to get more of the face highlighted, and the eyes to stand out, so use colors that aren’t contrasting to your skin tone color. The lightest of the three shades would be your brow highlighter, the medium shade would be the entire lid, stopping at the crease line of the lid, and the darkest shade would be from the mid section of the lid to the outside of the lid. Use a reputed blending brush to blend the gradients for a smooth transition from one shade to the next.

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Step 3:

This is where you would focus on the finishing touches, with two strokes of black mascara to the upper and the lower lash line each. You may go ahead and use a dark kohl to rim the eyelids with, creating a winged liner effect like Kim does. Before you apply the mascara though, dab a little translucent powder under the eyes which collects the remnants of the mascara and doesn’t allow the area to turn grayish black. For the eyelashes to look large and full, wiggle the spoolie of the mascara wand in cotton and then apply the layers, the fibers from cotton helps create longer lashes. You may also choose to use false lashes too.

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Go ahead and try these three steps, and let us know how you fared!



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