Top 5 must-have blush colors you can buy under INR 300

by Mansi Kohli

Healthy blushed cheeks that don’t cost a bomb! Here are our recommendations for gorgeous blush colors!

You read that right, you don’t have to pay a bomb to buy makeup anymore, not when the healthiest blush on your cheeks can come for INR 300 or less. We want you to look gorgeous everyday, which is why we have scourged around to find the best healthy pinks, rosy tones, browns and fuchsias to bring to you- tones that matter and bring to the face a healthy glow under the sun or while partying under the cool moonlit night. Here are five blushes that come for less than INR 300, which you simply cannot say NO to! Check them out!blush colors 01

1. Peachy sweetie:

If you are in need of a healthy blush and glow to the skin, with moisture hydration and skin nourishment too, the Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush, Peachy Sweetie is the best friend you can carry along. The product makes your skin brim with life, brings a healthy glow to the skin along with a sculpted look and provides a natural delicate smooth finish as well. A warm radiant and a happy glow that stays all day long, and at a price (INR 209) you can afford- this isn’t a dream.

Zuri Recommends: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush, Peachy Sweetie

2. Cinnamon touches:

Spice it up a little with the tantalizing touch of cinnamon on the cheeks during the day or the night. Maybelline Color Show Blush, Creamy Cinnamon 7gms is what makes the cheeks bounce with radiance and silkiness. This product is blendable and ultra-light to use, with a smooth supple touch so flawless it would feel as though you’ve worn nothing at all for the skin nude hue to come through. Price INR 217!

Zuri recommends: Maybelline color show Blush, Creamy Cinnamon 7gmsblush colors 04

3. Highlighters cum blush:

No time to prance around looking for the right combination on highlights and blush? We have an answer for you this time, which fits into your budget. The NYN 5in1 Smooth Highlighter Blusher with five shades as the name suggests comes at a price very affordable (INR 210); natural tone powder that adorns the skin with a velvet touch, and helps mount the cheekbone for a long time – doubles up as a highlighter as well that helps contour the cheeks and the chin too.

Zuri recommends: NYN 5in1 Smooth Highlighter Blusherblush colors 05

4. A travel blush:

With four shades to its name, the New BR Blusher Palette Travel Kit with 4 shades and 1 brush that comes along would be your best buddy to work or while you travel and party. Each of the colors shown blend into the skin well with a minimal layer of foundation, which means you don’t have to use a lot of time to bring on a healthy silky glow to the cheeks- perfect for office goers that are pressed for time each morning! Price INR 199!

Zuri recommends: New BR Blusher Palette Travel kit with 4 shades and 1 brushblush colors 06

5. Beat the blues:

Monday blues can be beaten through when the right dose of blush on the way to work is used. With the Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On (SHADE-504) priced at INR 125, there’s no stopping to making you happy. The soft whipped creamy formula glides easy onto the skin and with a foundation brush settles well too. Lightweight and long lasting, you would need no touch up with this blush, since it doesn’t wear out too easy. A natural look comes through, making it apt to wear for the workplace!

Zuri recommends: Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On (SHADE-504)blush colors 07


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