How to look beautiful using only 5 everyday makeup products

Aarti Kapur Singh

How to look beautiful using 5 cosmetics which should be a must-have in your makeup kit!

We all lead really busy lives. And there is only so much space in our handbags as we juggle home, workplace, friends and parties. Therefore, it is important to de-clutter our lives and use products that will make looking good easy on space, easy on money and easy on us! It makes sense to use multi-tasking products that can perform varied functions in our beauty routines. Stains (can be used for lips and cheeks), colored kajals (that can be used as eye shadows) and tinted moisturizers are a few such to look beautiful 01

But ultimately, it is not as much in the tools as in their application that the secret to achieving an effortlessly beautiful everyday look lies. Here is how you can save on products, time and effort – using only 5 everyday makeup products to look beautiful:

1. Tinted Moisturizers:

Tinted moisturizers are truly genies in little bottles or tubes. Not only do they even out imperfections, but also moisturize and give a glow to the complexion. If they contain SPF, they also keep UV rays out and prevent sunburn. If you use these instead of foundation, there is a more natural look to the makeup as opposed to cakey. The risk of clogging pores is also minimized. If your skin is in a bad shape, apply concealer on those areas of the face that need special attention, like dark circles and pimples and then apply tinted moisturizer. These products give full coverage, but a natural finish, so can cover everything for hours. Best of all, they don’t crease!

Zuri recommends: L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Skin Illuminator

2. Waterproof Eye Pencils:

Eyes can really make or break a look, so make sure they are well-defined. Pencils give a more natural result than liquid liners. Make sure they are smudge proof and long-stay. Tightline the eyes carefully. Colored pencils can also be smudged on the upper eyelid to substitute eye shadow.

Zuri recommends: Lakme Eyeconic in brown

3. Mascara:

Jet black mascaras could be harsh for the “no makeup” makeup look. They always give the secret away. Clear or dark brown shades are ideal to lengthen lashes in a very natural way. Besides, a mascara is a must have for lasses with glasses – if you want your eyes to be heard when they do the talking!

Zuri recommends: Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Mascara Ultra Black

4. A Pink/ Coral Blush/ Stain:

The best blush is one that is sheer and buildable, so it’s easy to control the application to get the desired intensity. A lip stain that can also be used on the cheeks lets you have that naturally flushed look. Be careful to apply a drop first and blend it out before you apply a second drop. Build the intensity gradually if you want to avoid looking like a circus clown.

Zuri recommends: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek red pomegranate

5. A Nude/ Flesh-Toned Lipstick:

A nude lipstick is the perfect finishing touch for the “no makeup” makeup look. Ensure you pick up a long-stay lipstick with a texture that glides smoothly on the lips, delivering just the right amount of color and shine. For everyday gorgeousness, a pretty combination of light pink lipstick  and coral gloss is ideal. Just dab the lipstick on your bottom lip and rub your lips together for just a hunt of color. Then add gloss to bring out the color a bit more. A stain that can be used on the lips and cheeks both is also a great alternative to carrying a lipstick, blush and lip gloss around. Simply dab some on your lips.

Zuri recommends: Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Gloss, Nude Love





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