3 Amazing brown sugar body scrubs for a glowing skin

by Neha Paranjpe

One of the most amazing scrubs to apply on summer skin is the one based on yummy brown sugar! Guess what? We bring 3 such recipes to you!

Have you been enjoying the summer sunshine? Have you taken your annual beach vacation yet? Have you been living in shorts and flip flops this season? If yes, chances are you have noticed quite a bit of skin tanning and tan lines all over your body. Constant exposure of bare skin to the summer sun can lead to tanning, drying and flaking of the skin which doesn’t look so great when you want to flaunt your newest mini skirt.brown sugar body scrubs 01

If you have been looking for a great product to help exfoliate, enhance and smoothen out your skin, then you don’t need to look further than your kitchen. With a few simple ingredients, you can quickly whip up a decadent body scrub that will remove the dead skin cells and layers of dry skin, help diminish the tan and even rub out the cellulite that stubbornly refuses to go away. Read on to find out how.

1. Coffee vanilla brown sugar scrub:

This sugar scrub smells heavenly and leaves you with absolutely silky smooth skin. The coffee content in the scrub is also a great way to get rid of all that cellulite as well. To prepare this scrub:

1. Combine a cupful of brown sugar, two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil, a few drops of vanilla extract and a spoonful of coffee powder (instant coffee powder or ground coffee beans will do).brown sugar body scrubs 02

2. Mix it all together and put it into an adorable jar that you can store in the bathroom. Twice a week, use this mixture to give your whole body a good scrubbing. Your skin will look flawless and you’ll smell delicious all day long.brown sugar body scrubs 03brown sugar body scrubs 04

2. Peppermint brown sugar scrub:

1. For a fresh feeling all day long, try preparing the peppermint brown sugar scrub.

2. Combine a cup of brown sugar with a spoonful of coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. You can get the oil here.

3. it up well and use it whenever you want to give yourself a cooling, minty fresh feeling.

3. Citrus brown sugar scrub:

What’s the first flavor and fragrance that comes to mind when you think of summer? Citrus! Tangy lemonade, orange popsicle and a fresh tropical feeling are the perfect accompaniments to a hot summer’s day. And this scrub will help you capture that gorgeous tropical feeling and fragrance in a bottle with this scrub.brown sugar body scrubs 05

1. Mix together a cup of brown sugar with two spoonfuls of olive oil.brown sugar body scrubs 06

2. Next, cut open 1 or 2 vitamin E capsules and pour the liquid inside into your mixture. Lastly, for that fresh citric scent, squeeze the juice from one whole lemon (you can add more if you are making a larger quantity) or add a few drops of orange or lemon essential oil.brown sugar body scrubs 07

3. Mix it all well and use it once or twice a week for an invigorating exfoliating experience. The fragrance of this scrub is also a good way to energize and put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.brown sugar body scrubs 08

brown sugar body scrubs 09Try out these scrubs at home and let us know how you liked them. They also make for great gifting options so you can send your friends some personalized presents. Pack them up in jars and bottles and try a pretty ribbon around it before shipping it off!



Images: All rights reserved to Zuri.in

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