Ask Zuri #5 – Cosmetics For College Girl

How many of you want to know which right cosmetic products should be used while you are still in college? Have you been looking for an answer to this beauty query? Well! Your search ends now 🙂Ask Zuri 05

Answer: Gel based sunscreens are the best for oily skin. But first use a face wash – look for the label for words like “Foaming”or“oil control”or “for oily skin. If your skin is very oily and acne prone then look for additional ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, tea-tree oil, salicylic acid, neem etc. You could use a moisturizer with SPF. I like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry touch sunblock as it does not leave a white film on the skin and is not greasy. After your skin care you can go ahead and apply foundation/powder of your choice. – Samaanta Dwivedi, Founder,

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