5 Amazing ways to use scotch cellophane tape while applying makeup

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Cellophane scotch tape can be a savior at the time of makeup application. Let’s see how

Are you unable to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look? That sexy cat-eye stroke is not well-balanced for both your eyes? The nail polish often leaves its mark around the edges of the nails? Those funky nail art designs that require amazing symmetries are nearly impossible to get because hands shake? Then, you must read on! Today, Zuri brings to you 5 never-told-before makeup hacks using one simple item! A scotch cellophane tape. This one isn’t just for packing gifts around Diwali or birthdays. It has a lot of utility in the world of makeup. Scotch tape works where tissue papers fail. Scotch tape also works where concealers, spoons or makeup brushes fails.Scotch cellophane tape 01 

Let’s find out how:

1. Scotch cellophane tape to perfect your eyeliner application: If you are struggling to get your eyeliner in place, all you got to do is take a piece of tape, and place it on your temple so that it makes a line between the outer corner eye and the outer tip of your eyebrow. The idea is to protect that part of your skin which often gets in the way of the the eyeliner (specially the liquid one) application. Once, your wings and cat-eye strokes are in place- remove the tape!

2. Scotch cellophane tape to perfect the eye shadow application: One of the biggest eye-makeup issues is when the eye shadow ends up falling on the cheekbones. Most of us tend to apply eye shadow after we have applied the primer, foundation, concealer, and blush! So, obviously who would like to take the risk of re-applying all of that just because of the silly eye shadow fallout? But, fret no more! Here is how you can tackle this issue. Take a piece of scotch tape, stick it to the back of your hand a couple of times and then lightly brush it on the areas where the fallout has happened. However, you must do this gently and carefully because we don’t want to get rid of all the makeup done on the cheeks!Scotch cellophane tape 04

3. Scotch cellophane tape to nail that perfect nail art design: There are elaborate nail art designs with geometrical patterns which are trendy and stylish. But, most of us have shaky hands. So, when it comes to applying such fancy nail art designs, we often give-up on the thought of sporting them. However, by placing the tape in whichever way or direction on the nail during the nail polish application can ensure a gorgeous, neat and tidy nail art design. In fact, even the straight lines of French tips can be achieved by using a scotch tape!Scotch cellophane tape 05

4. Scotch cellophane tape to prevent the edges around the nails from getting painted: This one needs no explanation! Who likes messy nails (specially after the nail polish application?) The edges around your nails can be protected from getting painted. Just apply a piece of scotch tape on the borders of your nails prior to painting. Once the nails are dry, gently peel off the tape from the edges.Scotch cellophane tape 06

5. Scotch cellophane tape to prevent makeup fallout: Scotch tape can basically be of a lot of help during all sorts of makeup fall outs. Even if it’s a clumpy mascara falling on the cheek bones or kajal’s smudgy marks on the under eye-skin, this superhero can be pretty much used for all sorts of makeup fallout. At any time while applying makeup, if you feel that the makeup fallout is happening, take a piece (or several) of scotch tape, cut it and stick it in a loop behind your hand. The deal is to have the non-sticky side wrapped around your hand and the sticky side facing outward. Apply it to areas where fallout has happened and that’s it! You are good to go 🙂

Do tell us which one have you tried and how was the outcome!




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