6 Cute outfit ideas to sport this Eid

by Neha Paranjpe

This Eid try out really cute outfit ideas and celebrate the festival in your own sweet and fashionable style!

The month of fasting has ended and it is now time to celebrate with some food and fashion. This Eid, if you want to stand out with your impeccable outfits and stunning style, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some amazing fashion inspirations for you to try out when the festivities begin. Why dress the same as everyone else, when you can wow them with your individualistic style?Cute outfit ideas 01

1. Sexy and sophisticated:

Highlight your stunning form and stun then with your sophisticated style with this eye catching outfit. All you need is a form fitting full length dress, a long pull over or sweater to stay cozy and pair of heels that will make you tower over everyone else. This look offers a white and nude color palette but you can experiment with the colors of your choice. If you want to keep it extremely sophisticated, opt for blacks, whites and nudes. To add an element of color, switch up the sweater to one that adds a little more pop.Cute outfit ideas 02

2. Playful and happy:

This look is for those who have a spirited sense of fashion. How about a gorgeous floral gown with heavy embellishment all over the bust? This look is great for a day of feasting while you still remain comfortable because of the flowing fabrics. Add on some accessories like chandelier earrings, or chunky bracelets and you’ll look like the belle of the ball.Cute outfit ideas 03

3. Chic and classy:

Spruce up the fashion scene at the Eid celebrations with this chic look. Pull out your favorite maxi skirt and add a lace top or a sweater with detailing to give it a festive feel. Complement the outfit with a classy bag, some statement jewelry and bold eye makeup and you will look like you’ve stepped right out of the page of a fashion magazine.Cute outfit ideas 04

4. Elegant and royal:

Nothing spells elegance like black; and gold embellishment just makes it look more regal. This Eid, opt for a gorgeous black kurta with churidaar and pull on a contrasting dupatta with some gold embellishments. Pull your hair back into a sleek French bun and wear statement gold earrings and a bold ring to bring out the perfect royal look.Cute outfit ideas 05

5. Young and vibrant:

For all those who want to wear something classy and still not lose the youthful element in your dressing, this look is perfect. A short kurta that ends just above the knees worn over a pair of cigarette pants and teamed up with pretty peep toe heels is a great outfit idea for a spunky, fashionable and feisty look. Experiment with the colors to find your personal favorite and style your hair with some crazy curls to amp up the fun quotient for your Eid style.Cute outfit ideas 06

6. Modest yet glamorous:

This is one of the newest trends in the fashion circuit. The kurta is similar to the Anarkali style, but with a twist. It is a button down top which can be secured only up to the waist leaving you with a stunning slit all the way up the front of the kurta. Team it up with leggings and a pair of sleek heels and you are sure to look like a model endorsing Eid outfits. This look can vary from being modest to glamorous, depending on your personal preferences of colors and accessories and the attitude you wear with it!Cute outfit ideas 07

So which of these is your favorite Eid outfit? Let us know in the comments.




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