How to find the undertone of your skin

by Mansi Kohli

Warm undertone or cool? How to Find the undertone of your skin explained!

The undertone of your skin is important to know, which is what most makeup artists follow like the Holy Grail, or else the flawless diva look is impossible for anyone to bring through. Your skin tone is quite different from your skin undertone. The former is of shades from porcelain to medium to deep, whole the latter would be described as cool, warm or neutral. So how would you know the undertone of your skin? Here are a few easy-weasy ways to determine the same.Undertone of skin 01

1. Check your veins:

The first thing to know the undertone of your skin is to check the forearm for your vein color. What color does it show? Blue or green? Cool undertone skin would have blue veins, while warm undertone skin would have green veins. If it is a mix of both colors, it would be a neutral undertone skin that you have.Undertone of skin 02

2. Your bracelet would help:

If you have a gold or silver bracelet at home, place it on your arms and check which one looks best on you. Not which one you like, but which one compliments your skin tone best. If gold makes the skin look sallow, and silver brings out the radiance, you then have a cool undertone skin. If your skin looks dull in silver and gold brings out the radiance, you then have a warm undertone skin. And if you find that both metallic hues have an equal intensity, then you have a neutral undertone.Undertone of skin 03

3. Sun tans can help:

If you tan or burn under the sun a little too much within minutes, you then have a cool undertone. However, if your sun can still soak up the rays and bring about a sexy bronzy look, you have a warm undertone.Undertone of skin 04

4. What you should understand:

Your skin could be light or dark, sallow or radiant and yet we all have an undertone to be happy about. The warmer your undertone is, the more olive or yellow your skin would be. The same case is with cool undertones, where your skin emulates shades of pink or red, whilst for neutral undertones it would be a fine balance between warm and cool!Undertone of skin 05

If you have a white towel at home, you could also use it to wrap the same around your facial zone and look at the mirror. If you notice a bluish tint, you then have a cool tone, and if it shows a yellowish tinge, you then have a warm tone. However, do this test under natural light, since fluorescent and other lights such as CFL can be misleading.Undertone of skin 06

How to choose the right foundation shade?

Now that you’ve learnt how to figure out which undertone you have, here are ways to pick the right foundation shade.

1. Chestnut, gold, tans, beige and caramel are best for warm undertones

2. Sable, rose, cocoa are best for cool undertones

3. Praline, nude and ivory are best for neutral undertones

Your skin tone may change color quite frequently, but the undertone wouldn’t. When you test a foundation shade, always do so on the jawline which is the truest undertone shade card Mother Nature has given us to work on.Undertone of skin 07

The same would go when you shop for contours and concealer, bronzer and highlighters too. These are cosmetic makeup products that help conceal the problems on the skin and highlight or accentuate the best parts on our facial zone. Follow the color wheel here when picking up products for your skin’s undertone that has issues. For example- purple to blue dark circles would need yellow concealing and, acne and pimples in red need green concealing.Undertone of skin 08You’ve got the answers to your queries on how to determine your skin undertone, haven’t you? Don’t make any more mistakes now!





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