20 Stylish hair bands and barrettes of 2016

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Ladies! This season, try out any of these stylish or cute hair bands and add glamour to your regular hair-look!

Just as we tend to decorate our ears and neck with beautiful jewel pieces, our hair needs to be embellished as well. A good hair accessory or a hair ornament can play a vital role in giving you a stylish makeover, be it for a casual lunch date with friends or a wedding function! Whether hitting the beach or getting ready for your own mehndi ceremony, a good hairstyle can become even better if you accessorize it with a stunning hair band, barrette or a ponytail holder! From cute-retro hair-ties to elegant head crowns, choosing a right hair accessory which compliments your hairstyle and the outfit can be challenging. However, there are two versatile hair accessories which can pretty much complete your look – be it your everyday go-to style or an ultimate festive one. Yes! That’s right, we are talking about barrettes and hair bands.Barrettes 01

So, if you are looking for an interesting hair accessory that keeps your hair in place, then go on and get inspired by best of the best barrettes and hair bands handpicked for you from the latest fashion runways. Now, up your game and add a lot of sparkle to your tresses, or top off your look with the perfect head gear to make your outfit party perfect! We’ve got you covered to have your hair cascading with the perfect accessory edge!

1. Bridal barrettes:

Barrettes worn during the wedding time are heavily embellished. Depending on the embroidery used on the wedding outfit, this hair accessory could be Swarovski encrusted or have golden rhinestone-work on it. A bridal barrette looks simply amazing when paired with a vintage bridal gown. For Indian weddings, a multi-colored horizontal or a comb-style barrette which can hold a traditional bun is best suited! For a boho-chic look, you can opt for a floral or feathery hair accessory. Moreover, one can either choose to leave their hair open or tie them up in a French bun, a barrette is bound to express your creativity any-which-way.Barrettes 02

2. Bridal hair bands:

A bride’s all  time favorite hair accessory is a gorgeous hair band! Beautiful hair bands for brides are more popular than ever now that there is a lot of variation being introduced in bridal hairstyles. Today’s bride can choose a classic updo, leave her tresses loose with mermaid curls, or opt for a sexy flowing cascade hair-look. A stunning crystal hair band further enhances the look. A combination of beads, pearls, stones and lace adds so much beauty, shimmer, and glory to the hairstyle.Barrettes 03

3. Casual barrettes:

From handmade wooden one to a more elaborate autumn-leaf inspired metallic barrette, this hair accessory can be worn at casual events of life. Best suited on an oval-shaped face with half-open-and-half-pinned-up hairstyle, a barrette is an epitome of style and cuteness. Even a lacy bow shaped barrette can be a part of a fun Friday dressing to work and after-work parties!Barrettes 04

4. Casual hair bands:

For that perfect beach-y look, get into a nice swim-wear, flip-flops, and sport a cute wrap-band. Don’t forget to cover your eyes in shades. You look so hot now! From a fancy party to a casual date-night, from colorful to handmade, from unique to stylish, hair bands are in trend these days. Moms and daughters can wear matching hair bands for a casual mom-baby date.Barrettes 05

Take a look at these amazing pictures of latest hair bands and barrettes in-vogue this year. Tell us which one is your ‘must-own’ hair accessory from the lot?




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