How to create Kangana Ranaut inspired monsoon natural makeup look of 2016

by Mansi Kohli

Natural monsoon makeup look of 2016 inspired by Kangana Ranaut!

With the monsoons lashing around and in high scores that too, we tend to keep our thoughts of dressing our face in makeup away. Don’t do that! There are ways to have your au naturale glow, shine away whilst the heavy droplets wash the nooks and corners of the city. Let’s look at B-Town diva and the gorgeous yet fierce sassy girl, Kangana Ranaut for inspiration. She has those natural flushed cheeks we all desire to have, and the makeup too is very natural to minimal. And this is what makes it perfect for us to doll up in, to be honest. Here are five steps that ensure the all-natural makeup monsoon look by Kangana Ranaut is ours for keeps! Check them out!natural makeup look 01

1. Get your skin ready:

By this we mean, your face should be washed, cleansed, moisturized and toned before you start with the natural makeup look for the monsoons. Choose moisturizers apt for your skin or else chances are that the foundation or primer might peel off. To blot away excess oil, you need to have a mattifyng moisturizer used, and one that would help with the foundation application along with soothing your skin too.

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2. Skin tone smoothening:

Take a good look at the mirror and decide on how much coverage for all the skin issues you have, would be needed. A tinted moisturizer is good for skin with least issues, but if you have acne problems, you would need green concealer, yellow or orange for dark circles and coral shades for acne scars to be hidden. Once the foundation is set, dab a little of the concealer on the areas where attention is needed. With the help of a sponge, dab the pigment into the foundation and let it set. Concealer is to be used sparingly and NOT for the whole face.

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3. A little glow is a must:

Every girl needs to have a little glow to brighten up the gloomy monsoon day, isn’t it? To make the natural monsoon makeup look up the ante on the next level, we need a little liquid luminizer to lighten up with. A few light touches on the brow bone and in the eye corner is what we need, which helps open up the eyes and makes you look fresh. In addition to that, the liquid luminizer also helps bring a sassy sheen to the cheekbones and it defines the cheeks too. Use a wet sponge on the cheekbones to blend the liquid upwards towards the temple bones.

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4. Healthy blush for the cheeks:

Now we cannot ignore the cheeks, even though it is illuminated in the previous step mentioned. The cheekbones need a little flush of blush, in colors closest to your real skin undertone- pinks, peaches or maybe a matte bronze shade too. Flush the cheeks with three strokes of your favorite color from the apples of the cheeks to the temple zones, and blend it upwards with a sponge. If you have oily skin, use powder blush or else a cream blush works okay for normal to dry skin.

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5. Nude lips or peach:

It depends which one you want for the occasion or the day you would be heading into. Nudes are playful too as much as peaches would be, so we leave that choice to you. However, if you have thick lips, we would ask you to refrain using glossy nude or peach shades. Gloss makes the lips appear large. Stick to matte tones for thick lips, while for medium to thin lips, one could use nude to peaches in glossy to semi-matte tones! To create the pouty effect, always use a nude lip liner and dab the center of the lips with normal powder, over which nude lipstick or peach lipstick can be smeared.

Zuri recommends: Lotus Herbals Pure Colour Nude Glow Lipstick 4.2gnatural makeup look 06

Finally, let the eyelids bask in neutral tones of matte eye shadow only if you want to use some, or else a stroke of kajal is enough for the monsoon natural makeup look to come through! Have fun and jazz up the rainy days!





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