8 Best monsoon inspired makeup products in neon colors

by Mansi Kohli

Check out 8 amazing monsoon-inspired neon makeup colors/products your kitty should have!

The cruel summers are gone and it is time now for you to make a splash in hues quirky, sassy, vibrant and cheerful. With the monsoons hitting hard across the nation and the skies looking glum and gray, we need pop of colors around. Fashion and makeup wise, we can make the world a colorful place to be happily residing in, so why stick to the old boring neutral and matte palettes in makeup, when we can play with aquas and neons. Check out these eight interesting shades and hues to play with!Neon colors 01

1. Bold purples:

Enough with the reds, the peaches and the pinks we say. This monsoon, jazz it up. Make those lips ultra bold with touches of blues, purples, mauves and violets. Bring on some color to the lovely lips and make heads turn wherever you go. A dash of ultra mattes and glosses in aqua tastes only makes for a very tantalizing effect.

Zuri recommends: Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick – Hi Def Plum – 3.8 gNeon colors 02

2. Teal eye pencils:

Aren’t we just bored of the same old sultry dark smokey eyes, and especially when the weather is so gray and gloomy out there! Don’t we need a little more brightness to the ambiance and the mise-en-scene around? If the answer is YES, we then would need to have a touch of teal to make the day happier and vibrant. Instead of the black, brown or the gray liners, whites or even blues, try the teal collection by reputed brands.

Zuri recommends: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner – True TealNeon colors 03

3. Aqua eyes:

One doesn’t need to look all dry and down on a lovely rainy day, bestowing the eyelids with neutral tones to nude colors. A little aqua touch can bring in the much needed vibrancy, which is what helps with the magical touch on a dark rainy monsoon day at work or anywhere around. Aqua shades not only lighten up the mood, but they also brighten the eyes and makes them appear larger too.

Zuri recommends: NYX Aqua Eyeshadow 3 gNeon colors 04

4. Healthy flushed cheeks:

Natural monsoon makeup look with a quirky touch of a little shimmer is a must-do, and for that you need to pick the right cosmetics or else the look wouldn’t come through. Loose powders sans the tint but with a hint of gloss and shimmer can brighten up the mood in a jiffy. Just one stroke for the cheeks and a lot of difference can be seen!

Zuri recommends: All-In-One Body Shop BlusherNeon colors 05

5. Metal eyebrows:

Color and fill your eyebrows with a shade of metal and shimmer, and this time steer clear from the browns, grays and blacks. What you need is a little drama and pizzazz to your fashion statement when it comes to eyebrow makeup and correction, and that is why a metallic teal touch is much needed. From greens to orange, sassy plums to reds, wines to pinks in bright shades and more, blues too, your eyebrows can be defined glossy!

Zuri recommends: Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick

Have fun splashing around colors for the monsoon!



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