5 Monsoon friendly hairstyles for long hair

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at 5 easy-to-make, monsoon-friendly hairstyles for long hair. Now look sassy yet hassle-free!

Ladies with medium to long length hair are often seen complaining about how this weather tends to leave them sweaty. All that they end up doing towards the end of the day is to pull all the hair into an ugly bun or hide them under a chic hat. But. monsoon is such a beautiful season. Shouldn’t you be investing your time going through a meaningful hairstyle tutorial to give your hair a sexy makeover? Monsoon calls keeping hair away from the face. Besides, the moisture in the air also causes the hair to get frizzy. But, instead of trying to treat the frizziness or taming the tresses with a hat, why not just play along with the weather conditions? That’s why Zuri brings to you 5 amazing hairstyles which are easy-to-do, versatile (even a monsoon Indian bride) can try them out).Hairstyles for long hair 106

Now enhance your look on a rainy day with any of these hairstyles:

1. Side Ponytail:

Whether it’s a side ponytail or a a side ‘braided’ ponytail, in any case, it’s a major twist in your regular way of wearing a pony. You just need to experiment with this look by opting for this stylish hairdo. Ponytail tends to tame the hair as it disciplines the tresses in a subtle way and camouflages the frizzy strands. One of the most popular hairstyles on a rainy day, just that you mustn’t forget to wear it with a twist!Hairstyles for long hair 107

2. High Bun:

Gather your hair in a high bun if you are caught in a downpour. But all we are asking for is to do it stylishly. Either mix it with a braid to give it a twist or just leave a few strands out and curl them with the curling rod. Ballerina bun also looks amazingly beautiful on a monsoon bride. Wear a tiara or an embellished hairband to enhance the look.Hairstyles for long hair 108

3. The Deep Side Part:

Let your hair enjoy the monsoon with this gorgeous hairstyle. It suits all hair-types, face-shapes and age-groups. It’s really easy-to-do too. Part hair deeply to one side. Curl sections in alternating directions, apply a voluminizing hairspray, then sweep hair over one shoulder. Last but not the least, secure the nape with two interlocking bobby pins and there you go!Hairstyles for long hair 109

4. Messy French Twist:

Want to get some eyeballs rolling, then go for this ethereal hairstyle which is elegant and vintage at the same time. This hairstyle is applicable to both mid-length and long hair type. It particularly suits ladies with round to oval face-shape. If you become a pro at this hairstyle then it can also become your everyday style statement!Hairstyles for long hair 110

5. Braided Crown:

The milkmaid braid or the Frieda inspired braided crown suits all face-shapes. Works super well with ladies with long hair. Whether it’s a formal office event or your wedding reception party, just try on this look. A crown braid goes exceptionally well with a designer saree, and an evening gown. Just follow the following steps as mentioned in this picture tutorial and give final touches to your hairstyle by accessorizing it with beads or jasmine flowers for a festive event.Hairstyles for long hair 111

So, which one are you trying out today?




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