Poll Tuesday #72 – Makeup Color

Take this simple and really short quiz to discover what color makeup looks best on you!Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A(s): You should opt for shades of pink or peach blush for a good glow on your cheeks. Wear nude to rosy pinks on your lips for a beautiful pout. Kohl rimmed eyes and a dash of mascara for eyes can take you to another level. Stay blessed, stay beautiful!

3 or more B(s): White eyeliner carefully worn on a casual date! Plum stain on lips, funky nail art design for a bit of a quirk and a high ponytail or ballerina bun with a stylish head band defines you! You love to wear creativity on your sleeves. It’s time to flaunt it in style lady!

3 or more C(s): Red pout, dramatic eyes (cat eyeliner), voluminous mascara, reddish-brown blushed cheeks and a lot of attitude is your go to style for a casual event as well as a night-out on weekends! Have fun girl <3

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