5 Makeup basics every non-makeup lover should own

by Mansi Kohli

Makeup basics every non-makeup lover should stash for food!

Not everyone likes to use makeup on a daily basis or even once in a while. And that could be because of various reasons. Some of us may simply have sensitive skin, so much so that even the foundation can be cause of pustules and breakouts to happen. This is why you should be very careful when choosing any product for your skin. In other cases, some of us just don’t have the time. But does that mean we should ignore the beauty regime altogether? No! what you should do is to stash up on these five must-have’s, which would still make you look glamorous. Read on and check them out!Makeup basics 01

1. An exfoliating product:

You should have a facial scrub at home. This could be DIY or maybe a commercial one. Twice a week, if you exfoliate your skin, the dead cells, dirt, grime and the excess sebum on the surface of the skin would be removed. This helps keep the skin fresh and younger looking, and would bring a glow to the skin as well. Your skin stays healthy, sans blemishes, dark spots, signs of ageing and the scars would be gone over time as well!

Zuri recommends: VLCC Indian Berberry Face ScrubMakeup basics 02

2. A moisturizer:

Speak to your skin specialist and know which moisturizer is best for your skin type or condition. For better looking, soft and supple skin, it is important to use the right amount of moisturizer each day. Moisturizers are for varying skin types, from normal to dry, to sensitive and oily or combination too, which is why talking to a specialist is a must, before picking one. Also remember to choose moisturizer which is at least SPF 40 and above for the Indian skin tone and the climes we live in. It helps keep the skin protected from the radiation and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Zuri recommends: Ponds Silk CreamMakeup basics 03

3. Serums for skin boost:

As mentioned, your skin needs boosting and this can be done with skin serums. Most beauticians refer to serums as ‘energy shots’ and why not? Serums used orally are beneficial since it brings to the skin the much needed nutrients and minerals it needs, hence plenty of nourishment and care. You can get all the re-hydrating and re-plumping your skin needs, so do invest in serums for the skin.

Zuri recommends: Ponds Gold Radiance Youth SerumMakeup basics 04

4. An eyebrow pencil:

Even if you don’t use makeup, the basic kohl pencil is a must-have. You don’t need to buy a commercial one, even a kohl cake liner would do, which is made organically for your skin safety. Pencils or cake liners help define the arch of the eyebrow and also help fill in the eyebrows too. In addition to that, with the no makeup look you love, your eyes would gleam and stay intense when the lashes are dolled up with one or two strokes each day.

Zuri recommends: MAC Eye KohlMakeup basics 05

5. Chapstick for the lips:

Keep your lips soft, supple and moisturized with the right chapstick used. These days you have plenty of them in nude tones that help with a natural look, and yet with a little touch of glamour to flaunt as well. Some of them are enriched with vitamins for the lips to stay nourished too, so pick one wisely and use them well.

Zuri recommends: Vaseline Lip TherapyMakeup basics 06

Do keep this checklist in mind, should you never want to use any makeup to look like a doll when going out. These five essentials are your basic must-have’s without which even the skin would take a beating overtime!




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