5 Simple ways to get silky smooth skin

by Mansi Kohli

Silky smooth skin so soft, supple and sensual, can be now yours for forever!

Most of us desire to have soft, silky, smooth and sensual skin, but alas, the pollution and elements around spoil our dreams! Let’s not despair anymore, because we have five amazing beauty secrets to share with you that would bring around the silky smooth touch on your skin, much needed. Take a look and be ready to get those accolades.Smooth skin 01

1. Don’t go overboard with the scrubbing and exfoliating:

We aren’t asking you to stop with the exfoliating and scrubbing, we simply are asking you to be careful with your schedule in doing so. Oily skin to combination skin women should invest in loofah and body scrub regimes once a week. This helps control the oil production of the skin. Remember, each time you scrub the oil off, you are telling your skin to produce more, so don’t overdo it, or else your skin would look sallow and grimy. If you have normal to dry skin, just twice a week with a scrub or a rub would be fine. More than that, and your skin gets erupted and inflamed. With regimes to invest in, your aim should be to maintain the pH levels of the skin, and not disrupt the same.

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2. Use a branded moisturizer:

We cannot empathize on this enough, however, instead of a heavy one, use a moisturizer that is light on the skin, especially the face. This helps curb the oil production, and doesn’t make the face look over-dewy. Probiotic to organic moisturizers are best to use, but if you have sensitive skin conditions, you should consult a dermatologist for an approved brand of moisturizer to stash on.

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3. Branded high quality sunscreen:

The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause wrinkles, dark spots, ageing lines and wrinkles too. irrespective of the weather conditions, your skin needs help and protection. Nothing less than an SPF 40 should be on your skin. Wear it forty five minutes before you head out, over which you can apply your makeup. This helps keep the onslaught of the radiation in check and the sun protection stays for eight hours at least.

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4. Massage with honey:

Since time immemorial, honey has been used as a beauty agent to attain soft, silky, smooth skin. What you could do is to use a tablespoon of raw honey each day before your bath, and massage it directly onto the skin. The massage helps with blood flow and circulation, and also helps remove dead skin cells when you wash the honey off after ten minutes under cold water. When the dead skin cells are gone, your skin looks vibrant, lovely and fresh. Touch and feel your skin after a massage, and you would know what silk feels like.

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5. You are what you eat:

Invest in healthy fats and have a diet that involves healthy fats. This is because healthy fats bring radiance to your skin. For example, a tablespoon of almond butter, avocado butter or peanut butter over toast in the morning can be a great way to bring in healthy fats. You could also have a sprinkle of chia seeds on your dessert each day, or coconut kefir in your salads. If you like eggs, have one each day with full fat raw milk to wash down with. Finally, cook in olive oil. There is a reason why the Egyptians and the Greeks have the best skin all over the world, which shines like the Venus star all through their lives!

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Go right ahead and try them all!




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