22 Stylish acrylic nail designs of this season

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 22 trendy acrylic nail designs to sport in style!

Acrylic nail design is trendy. Well! Nails do play an important role in adding that extra weight and volume to our overall personality. Most times, busy moms, working ladies and college-going girls have very little time on them. It gets difficult to sport a stylish nail art design on fortnight basis. Moreover, it is also quite time-consuming to try it out yourself or achieve the sort of perfection expected. A visit to the nearby nail-art salon can get difficult too. So, at that time this lifesaver can come handy. Wear acrylic nails as a nail extension, or give your fingernails eccentric shapes by just trimming a bit in a square, round, almond, or stiletto shape.Acrylic nail designs 01

It is not difficult to find that perfect nail design that suits your personality and with acrylic nail designs you can never go wrong. From going punky to celebrating love through acrylic nail design, you just need to be creative and try out this innovative trend. Up your glamour quotient by adding glitter, opting for quirky color combinations, introducing silver glitter or gold dust to the nude base coat, and adding a twist to the French manicure or by just applying rhinestones on the nail surface for a classy look.Acrylic nail designs 02

Here are a few unique and elegant acrylic nail designs to choose from:

1. Acrylic Symmetrical Designs: Symmetrical shading is a rage at the moment. However, one must opt for the right color combination and geometrical pattern for the same. Pink and white, black and cream, these are some of the best combinations when it comes to acrylic nail design. Such awesome combinations represent classy statement as well as simple charm. All you need is a shading done using nail art tools to achieve perfection. You can actually use a makeup sponge for the ultra-cool gradient look.Acrylic nail designs 03

2. Acrylic Floral Designs: Girly, cute and adorable, this nail design can make use of handmade floral designs or 3D patterns embellished with studs and rhinestones. From roses to sunflowers, and a shuttering butterfly, some of the acrylic floral nail designs can be a bold representation as well. Flaunt it in spring time with a matching floral outfit to grab the attention of the crowd!Acrylic nail designs 04

3. Acrylic Embellished DesignsThese days it’s a rage of putting on golden and silver studs, clear crystals and rhinestones on your nails for an embellished look. Even brides who hate too much red can opt for this nail design. With any color base coat, you can use nail art glue to put the stars, hearts and little balls on your nails. It’s quite boho-chic and funky at the same time. You can also give it a more sophisticated look by sticking to only crystals and nude shades.Acrylic nail designs 05

So, which one is your favorite? Hope you do give one of these designs a shot!





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