The ultimate checklist of beauty products to keep at your office desk

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Here is the ultimate list of beauty products every working woman must keep at her desk!

After braving hair-raising steam levels and makeup-melting temperatures en route to a office, we arrive safely – to a sub-zero air-conditioning fit for a cryotherapy chamber. The outcome is dry skin, chapped lips, and strands that are all over the place. Add to that some accidental nail-chipping or nail polish wearing off and we are the perfect illustration of a beauty slump. In the midst of the whirlwind that can be mid-week madness at work, being aesthetically challenged is the last thing we could products 38

To help you out, here is an arsenal of beauty products for quick touch-ups throughout the day. We like to keep these stashed in our desk drawers or within arm’s reach for ultimate workday beauty perfection. Each one is as essential as Post-Its, staplers and a 4:00 p.m. shot of products 39

1. Makeup wipes:

From making your face a clean slate for redoing some glam look or correcting lipstick smears or liner smudges to instantly freshening you up, wipes (you can also make use of baby wipes) are the most important essential to have in your handbag and office drawer. To enhance the multitasking abilities, buy the ones that have moisturizing qualities too.

Zuri recommends: Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Wipesbeauty products 40

2. Hair spray:

There is nothing that conceals the storm under the calm like a hairspray. Be the cool cucumber who appears (and probably is) in control in the midst of a hurricane. It is good to do your hair once as soon as you reach work. Use a hair spray to keep the strands in place and give you a professional and polished look.

Zuri recommends: Schwarzkopf Taft Cashmere Touch Power Hairspray- Mega Strong 5beauty products 41

3. Pressed powder:

For those that work in humid areas or need to be on the field, a pressed powder to keep the shine away is a must. Choose a powder that doesn’t clog pores, and has sun-protection as well. If you are wearing a bold lipstick, set it in place by putting a tissue over your lips and using a powder brush to dab the powder on your lips with the tissue as a barrier.

Zuri recommends: L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Pressed Powder beauty products 42

4. Perfume/ Deodorant/ Body Mist:

It’s amazing how much scent influences our mood and the way those around us perceive us. A well-chosen perfume applied correctly can brighten your day (and disguise the smell of that tuna sandwich you had for lunch). But don’t be the girl who sprays the perfume out in the air the rest of your co-workers have to breathe. Instead, keep a compact roller-ball in your desk so you can discreetly apply a little perfume to your pressure points as needed during the day. Also, keep the fragrance light and fresh.

Zuri recommends: The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist – For Women beauty products 43

5. Lip brightener:

Any makeup aficionado knows that the quickest way to bring life to a tired face is a swipe of lip color. However, in the middle of a workday, the perfectly applied berry lip may be a little too time intensive for your schedule. Instead, try a moisturizing tinted lip balm in a peachy neutral shade. It’s easy to apply because it’s such a light shade. Also, if you want to add a pinch of color to your cheeks, the creaminess of the balm will double perfectly as a cream blush!

Zuri recommends: Maybelline Baby Lips, Pink Lolitabeauty products 44

6. Nail polish remover:

There is nothing more unsightly that nail polish that is wearing off the edges or one that is chipping. You may not have the luxury of applying nail polish at work, but you can spare a minute or two and remove it completely. Use an acetone-free polish remover so that your nails do not become brittle and also feel moisturized after that mini clean-up.

Zuri recommends: Colorbar Nail Polish Removerbeauty products 45





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