Ask Zuri #11 – Bleach for Sensitive Skin

How many of you have been wanting to know if there are any special bleaches for sensitive skin? Have you been looking for an answer to this beauty query? Well! Your search ends now!Ask Zuri 11

Answer: You can try any of these two methods to bleach your skin at home — 1.) Whisk up a healthy, nurturing and lightening mask by mashing up the flesh of one very ripe, smaller papaya and adding a tbsp of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of raw honey. 2.) Mix together powdered milk, lemon juice and some honey. Mix well until the milk powder has dissolved and formed a thick paste. Then apply to your face, neck, shoulders or pretty much any area you want to brighten and rejuvenate. – Samaanta Dwivedi, Founder,

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