5 Awesome ways to pull off glitter makeup

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Want to wear glitter makeup but don’t know how to go about it? Then, read and follow these 5 steps!

Glitter is no longer just for little girl dress up – in fact, it’s a trend nowadays! Now of course, it’s not for everyone…Festive sparkly looks can be unapologetic-ally bold, strikingly sexy, soft and subtle or used as that perfectly unexpected pop. In these four totally different looks, we embellished nearly *everywhere* on our faces with glitter — on eyelids, lips, cheekbones and even in our hair! Yes it does look good, if handled with care!glitter makeup 01

One cardinal rule that should work as a word of caution – do not overdose on glitter. Keep it to one specific area, ladies. Wearing glitter eye shadow with glitter lip gloss, glitzy nails, and body glitter can make you look, well, like you just popped out of an arts and crafts box. You definitely don’t want to be looking like a walking, talking disco ball. To avoid this, decide on the area that will be “glitterfied,” (whether it’s your eyes, lips, nails, outfit, or shoes), and stick to it!glitter makeup 02

Secondly, make sure the glitter option is occasion-appropriate. If you are going out to a party or a night on the town with your girlfriends, then glitter makeup can definitely be a fun thing to try. But for things like business meetings, super professional surroundings, you might want to keep away from the sparkly stuff. These days, glitter makeup has taken on many forms. There are eye shadows, eyeliners, glosses, nail polishes, and even scented shimmery body powders. Pulling off the glitter trend can be a little tricky, but with these 5 tips for wearing glitter makeup, you’ll be rocking it with ease and confidence.

1. Go for unusual colors: 

Avoid looking like an arts and crafts school project by picking unusual colors. Stay away from your typical art supply store. Pick unique shades that you can dust on eyes or over lipstick. Some glitter eyeliners can be layered on top of eye shadow or heavier brown or black eyeliner.

2. Beware of the heat: 

Glitter tends to stick to sweat and rubs off where it is not supposed to be. So, for instance, if you want your eyes to be glitter, glitter liquid liner will be your best bet because it stays more. If you’re using loose glitter, the particles are going to move around, but the key is to have something to stick them to without becoming sticky in the summer heat. Leave the heavy eye cream at home; it will melt right off. Instead, go for a light eye gel.

3. Use glitter spray for hair and body:

If it is fragranced, it is even better for adding an all over glitzy shine.glitter makeup 07

4. Don’t put glitter on your eyelashes

Wear fake eyelashes that already come with glitter instead. It’ll be hard to make them look good and the worst is when the glitter crumbles and falls in your eyes while dancing. You can also wear glitter on your brows or brush some loose glitter into your hairline à la mode Kesha.glitter makeup 08

5. Skip the nail art and go for the polish: 

You don’t want to spend too much money on repairing chipped polish, and you want one polish to do the job so opt for a coat of chunky glitter nail polish instead. Chose the dramatic, chunky polishes with large-sized glitter particles.





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