Poll Tuesday #77 – Your nail art personality

Do you like nail art? Then, just answer these 5 simple questions to know what’s your typical nail art personality!Poll Tuesdays


More than 3 A’s: While you love a good manicure, you are not THAT experimental when it comes to nail art. You prefer simple, classic colors without a lot of fuss. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your polish! Try a french manicure or add some ombré glitter to get an eye-catching effect sans the fancy stuff.

More than 3 B’s: When Fashion Week and award season both come around, you’re eyes zero in on the minutest details of the trends: the nail art. Half-moon manicures, negative space, caviar nail art, and geometric designs— all of these choices are on your radar. Your biggest issue? Trying to figure out which one to wear when!

More than 3 C’s: When it comes to nail art, the sky is the limit, so you believe in adding some height. You love embellishment. Glue on some 3D bears, drill in some nail rings to the tips, and slap on some oversize bows. Just make sure not to bump your nails into anything — those suckers can pop off pretty easily.

What do you think?

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