5 Sexy eye makeup ideas you can do under 5 minutes

by Mansi Kohli

Sultry sexy eye makeup ideas that can be done in five minutes or less!

Don’t we all wish to wake up looking like Beyonce each morning and heading on to work in a stretch limo? If wishes were horses, we would be riding them all year round and all through life. We aren’t here to tease you, rather we would like to help you take five minutes of your time to get the best sexy eye makeup ideas for work or other needs each day. Take a look!eye-makeup-01

1. Sultry natural eyes:

To head off to work each morning and when you are pressed for time, you wouldn’t want to spend more than five minutes to doll up your eyes. A simple natural and yet a sultry look is what you need, and we shall help you with that. Once you have applied a little moisturizer and sunblock to the face, take a dark kohl pencil and draw a line on the upper lid of the eyes, and on the inner lash line. With the help of an angular brush, smudge the lines and then apply a matte neutral brown shadow on the crease to the brow bone. You have a ready look for work with a sultry touch!

Zuri recommends: Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Kajaleye-makeup-02

2. Sensuous brown eyes:

Heading off to a client meet and want the eyes to do the talking, let’s play with a shade of matte and a touch of shimmer on the lids, shall we? Begin with an eyewash, using an applicator brush and swiping the lightest shade of matte brown closest to your eyelid skin tone on your lids. Next, from the inner corner we shall dab a little moderate shimmer brown till the mid section of the lids, and from the mid section, we shall dab a darker shade of shimmer brown till the outer corner of the eyes. Use a round eye brush to blend the shades in the middle until the crease, and then draw your liner with a dark black pencil. Apply two coats of black mascara to finish the look.

Zuri recommends: Urban Decay Naked Palette 3eye-makeup-03

3. Twiggy natural eyes:

To have a very natural yet defined look for the eyes, we shall focus on the lashes for the daytime affair. Blend your eye shadow colors in neutral tones for this look, which keeps the eye makeup astounding and the lashes, super fabulous. Use volumnizing mascara for the twiggy look to come through. Dip the spoolie of the mascara into a cotton ball, and allow the fibers to stick to the spoolie. Then dip the spoolie into the mascara bottle and gently apply three strokes on the upper lash and the lower lash line. Wait for a minute and then apply one more stroke, which helps create long twiggy lashes.

Zuri recommends: L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, Extra Blackeye-makeup-04

4. Sunset eyes for the evening party:

For a very sensual look to flaunt at your bestie’s birthday bash, sunset eyes in shimmer warm tones would make a lovely mark. For this, you would need eye shadow in shades of brown for the base, orange for the mid section and the crease and peach for highlights on the brow bone. Begin by highlighting the brow bone in peach touches, from the arch to the outer section of the brow area. Now dab a little shimmery brown from the inner corner of the eyes to the mid section of the eyes, until the crease line. From the mid section, we shall dab a little orange matte shadow until the outer corner of the eyes, to form a soft V. Use a blending round eye makeup brush to blend the pigments. Draw your liner with a dark brown or black kohl pencil and use mascara to extend the lashes.

Zuri recommends: NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow – Orange Zest Pearleye-makeup-05

5. Cool shimmers for the dinner date:

Impress your date with sultry cool tones as eye makeup this evening, with teal blue eyeliner and powdery blue eyes. To begin with, use a brown matte shadow to wash the lids with, over which, from the inner corner of the eyes, we would use a touch of light silver shadow to the mid section and the crease of the eyes. From the mid section, we would play with a touch of light blue or teal shadow in shimmer, and culminate a soft V shape on the outer corner of the eyes. For the upper lids we shall use dark kohl and mascara to enhance the look. For the lower lids, we shall line the tear lines with soft matte light blue eye shadow.

Zuri recommends: Maybelline Color Molten Limited Edition Eye Shadow Sweeping Blue 400eye-makeup-06

It is all upon your imagination and creativity that brings a lot of play with colors for a sexy eye makeup to manifest- have fun and experiment a bit, and watch how you are praised!





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