5 Highlighter tricks to help you glow!

by Mansi Kohli

Bring on that highlighter and make your skin glow with these five tricks!

The importance of using highlighter, along with contouring and blush on the face whilst makeup is done, cannot be undermined. It is one of the most important aspects of dolling up, without which the face shall look sallow and dead. But there are many that do not know the right way to apply the highlighter, and wonder why the glow is missing. This is why we are here to help you understand five important tricks that bring back the glow with a simple highlighter. Read on and please be well-versed!highlighter-01

Rule #1:

When picking up a branded highlighter cosmetic, make sure that you buy one that resonates with the undertone of your skin. Check with a makeup expert to know if you have warm, cool or neutral undertone, which would help you pick the right highlighter. Highlighters with a bluish pink tinge are best for cool tones, golden or champagne tinged highlighters are best for warm tones, and for neutral tones, a mix of the two which makes the skin glow.highlighter-02

Rule #2:

If you have very sensitive skin and wouldn’t want to use too much makeup or highlighter, you can still have the glow with perfection. There are oils and branded serums that bring about a subtle yet sensual glow to the skin, and they look fresh sans the need for sparkle and shimmer on the face. If oil is not your thing, once the contouring is done, you can use a little Vaseline to highlight the areas that need a little flaunting and then dab a little translucent powder on the zone for a dewy sensual effect to come by.highlighter-03

Rule #3:

For the brow bone, it would be easy to highlight the zone if you choose shades that are light to medium on the eyelid, and of a satin or matte finish. The skin tone color can be accentuated when you use a highlighter on the brow bone arched area to the outward of the brow length. Use a white pencil to make this area defined and well-arched, and highlighted too.highlighter-04

Rule #4:

When accentuating the cheeks after the contouring is done, use highlighters around this zone in heart-shaped strokes. This should be done on top of the cheekbones, from the apples of the cheeks to the temples, which gives you enough space below the zygomatic section to contour.

Rule #5:

Here’s a secret to applying the highlighter on your forehead- use it only on the left side and not the right. For some reason, makeup experts across the world believe light naturally bounces more on the left side and less on the right side. In doing so, the forehead wouldn’t look too greasy or made up, and a fine balance would come by when using highlighter on just the left side of the forehead.

In the end, add a touch of the highlighter to illuminate the chin. This helps balance the overall look on the face, and brings in an additional glow too. You may also choose to use a little highlighter on the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose, after the contouring is done to make the nose sharp and contoured. Once again, if you have to do this, ensure that you use a light brown contouring shadow for the nose sides and then apply the highlighter in the middle. We hope you found these five tips on using the highlighter for the much needed glow quite handy. If you have your own tips to share, do write in!



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