18 Most inspiring natural hair styles of 2016

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Here are 18 most inspiring and sizzling hot natural hair styles of this year!

Some of us are blessed with hair type that requires very little styling in general. The tresses are manageable when left open, can be tamed by the use of a simple hair accessory (such as a scarf) or can be simply worn in a bun/updo or a ponytail without any hassles. These natural hair styles include straight, wavy and curly hair.natural-hair-styles-01

Let’s take a look at 4 of the most natural and inspiring hair styles of 2016. Some of our favorite Hollywood and Bollywood divas seem to be so happily flaunting in around!

1. Natural Poker Straight Hair:

While most of us are looking for ways to straighten the hair, some ladies on the other hand have all the luck. Silky, naturally straight hair is a blessing. You can keep them open or wear the hair length in style with the help of a barrette or a stylish hair clip. To amp up your hair style opt for color streaks. You see, the fact remains that straight hair so many styling opportunities. All you got to do is make use of them to the fullest!natural-hair-styles-02

2. Natural Long Curly Hair:

Ladies with heavy natural curls..If you ever thought that it’s the worst hair-type to have from birth then think again. There are a lot of women out there who are looking at ways to get their hair curled (read perms and curls). The only issue with curly hair (especially with long length) is to manage them. However some of the most gorgeous hair styles of 2016 are based on the natural long curly hair texture. In summers, you can wear side braids or sport a funky hair accessory to keep the strands in their place. So, the next time you are in dilemma, tell yourself- “My curls don’t need to be straightened.”natural-hair-styles-03

3. Natural Short Curly Hair:

Same goes out with the short curly hair! Sexy and sizzling hot, some of the best hairstyles belong to this category and they are capable of getting you all the attention you require at a social gathering. What matters particularly in the short-curly hair look is the right haircut. You can’t take a risk or experiment much. Know your face-cut and accordingly ask the hairstylist to give you a right style. From lobbing to bobbing to pixie to curly layers. You have a lot of options out there!natural-hair-styles-04

4. Natural Wavy Hair:

Women with thick wavy hair often complain that their hair are neither curly enough nor straight enough to be styled properly. So they resort to flat ironing to straighten them or a curling rod to make them look extra-curly. And this is exactly where they are going wrong. Do understand that no matter the season, no matter the destination, no matter the hair length — one of the best natural hair styles that look ultra cool are based on wavy texture. Besides, with your hair-type, you don’t have to do anything for a beach-y look. All you have to do is just look good.natural-hair-styles-05

Here are some of the finest natural hair styles of 2016. Tell us which one is your favorite from the lot?




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