Poll Tuesday #80 – Your Ideal Nail Art Design

To find out what’s your ideal nail art design – just answer these 5 questions. They are fun to try!Poll Tuesdays


 3 or more A’s: You got to try pop-out nail art. These nails are surely going to do justice to your quirky, party-going spirit. You can get them in any color, but make sure you get the right color! Have fun girl 🙂

3 or more B’s: Try polka nail art.This design is simple yet stylish. It will really go good with you and everybody loves it! So, this festive season, paint your nails in small or big polka dots and team it up with a rather elegant black or white outfit. Bring on some bling in the form of jewelry (statement neck piece), and there you go!

3 or more C’s: We know you are into natural looks, however, try out zebra print nail art once and see how you are going to change people’s perception of you. These nails will bring out your personality. They go really good with a lot of outfits too, so these nails are perfect for you!


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