18 Outstanding braid hairstyles to try this Navratri

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This Navratri, flaunt your hair in a neat or a messy, but definitely stylish braid hairstyle!

We are in love with Navratri’s famous Dandiya nights. The crazy, maddening and absolute fun with Garba dance, Indian music, sumptuous food, and colorful traditional ethnic outfits! All this adds so much fervor to the entire festive mood. Have you decided on your outfit yet? Is it going to be an elegant lehenga, sexy chaniya choli or an all time favorite – lehenga-saree? Whatever be your preferred style, we just want to make sure that you amp up your festive style with any of our highly recommended braid hairstyles. Check it out and get inspired to glam up your style this Navratri!braid-hairstyles-01

1. Fishtail braid

One of the most versatile hairstyles, a fishtail braid might look like it’s a tough task, but in reality, it’s quite easy to make. Best-suited for long hair. You don’t need to have a perfect looking fishtail because the messy one is trending these days. So, a fishtail is also a hit with girls who complain of unmanageable hair! This Navratri, opt for a fishtail braid on your chaniya choli for an ultimate sassy look. Complete the look with cat eyeliner, statement neck-piece, long earrings and a bindi on your forehead!braid-hairstyles-02

2. French braid:

One of the most popular braids in the world of hairstyles, girls can experiment a lot with this braid style. You can also invent your own unique hairstyle which has French braid as the foundation. With this hairstyle, it’s best to have tidy, neat look. Go for a side French or an amalgamation of a fishtail and a French! To be able to make it in a jiffy you will have to practice a lot. Flaunt this hairstyle with a lehenga or a lehenga saree. Don’t forget to wear a maang-tikka. Also, decorate the braid with fresh flowers.braid-hairstyles-03

3. Upside down braid:

Never heard of this one? Well! It’s because this hairstyle is relatively new. For a fun, chic and bohemian look, wear your braid in an upside down format. You can conclude the hairstyle as a bun or a ponytail. So, what are you waiting for? Where are your Dandiya sticks? braid-hairstyles-04

4. Waterfall braid

Waterfall braid is extremely popular. This hairstyle has a vintage, wedding like feel to it. It is elaborate, yet very classy. Do seek help of a professional/ hairstylist before trying to make one yourself at home. You can keep your hair open or tie them up in a side braid style. braid-hairstyles-05

Here are more braid styles for a quick inspiration!


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