Poll Tuesday #82 – Hairstyles for your personality

Hello Ladies! We are back with the fun and exciting quiz! Answer these 5 personality-based easy questions to know your ideal hairstyle look this festive season!Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A’s: Medium-length straight hair work with almost any kind of face shape, but on you, this hairstyle will look super-cool. Besides, it is easy to just wash and straighten every morning or night without having to spend so much time!

3 or more B’s: Locks lopped into a bob for an extra oomph. A girl like you who is creatively inclined should sport a sexy hairstyle with a lot of attitude. Versatile, suits all hair-lengths, face-cuts and outfits!

3 or more C’s: A high ponytail is a timeless classic look for someone who is so outgoing and fun-loving. Such look will only amp up your style statement and kick it up a notch at social gatherings!

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