18 Sparkling nail art designs to flaunt at Diwali parties

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Wow! Nail art designs can’t get better than these 18 sparkling ones for an ultimate Diwali look!

This Diwali, sport a stunning, festive look. From a bright, shimmery eye makeup to a healthy golden glow on your cheeks, from shining gold statement neck-piece to an outfit with sequins and blingy hair accessory to complete your hair look. There is one more thing that ought to do! Wear a sparkling nail art design which is sure to get you all the attention at a pre-Diwali bash!nail-art-designs-272

Here are 18 beautiful nail art designs for your to draw your inspiration from. Some of them are so easy-to-do that all you would need is a base coat and a shimmery top coat to achieve the look.

1. Neutral Manicure with Sparkles: A neutral manicure can be your go-to fingernail style on regular basis. However, this Diwali, add a bit of a sparkly twist. Shimmer, sparkles, etc. if added to the tip of your otherwise neutral, creamy or nude nails can amp up the festive style statement. Such shine can take your manicure one notch up. Try silver glitter though because it is a wonderful match with a neutral shade.nail-art-designs-273

2. Metallic Half-Moon Manicure: Reverse French or a half-moon manicure is quite a trend these days. So, this Diwali why not try it? How do you go about it? Well! It is simple. A half-moon manicure is a nail art design that comprises of two contrasting shades of polish, one at the base and one at the tips, almost like a reversed French manicure. For the festive look, it is recommended that you opt for a metallic coat and create a Reverse French with silver or golden shade. You need to be a pro to be able to achieve a flawless look, there we suggest that before you get on to doing a DIY project of the sorts, seek professional help by visiting the nearby nail art salon.nail-art-designs-274

3. Glittery Galaxy: If you are a fan of cosmos and want to wear psychedelic look, then there is nothing better than a galaxy inspired nail art design. Pretty sexy and trendy, wear the entire galaxy on your fingernails for an alluring charm. Team it up with a blue, purple or a black colored outfit. Sport a smokey eye look for an ultimate effect. To be able to create it, you will need a base and top coat polish (basically- a dark, medium, and light blue polish; black and white polish and glitter polish), dotting tool or a toothpick, tweezers and a few pieces of sponge. The reason why we require sponge is to create the blended, fading design of the cosmos. You can choose to have the galaxy swirl diagonally on your nail, but for that do seek professional help. nail-art-designs-275

4. Shimmery Gradient: Now this one is really easy to do. Try it at home this Diwali and match it with the outfit for a complete festive look. You need to choose the right supplies for the shimmery gradient nail art design. Paint a dark base coat. Could be midnight blue, fiery red or something more solid like a glossy black. Now start the gradient by applying a small amount of the gold glitter on the nail polish brush, lightly painting majority of the fingernail. Let it dry for sometime. That’s it!nail-art-designs-276

So, this Diwali- do tell us which nail art design did you sport. Wishing you a very happy Diwali in advance!








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