How to do subtle brown smokey eye makeup this festive season

by Aarti Kapur Singh

You are only 6 steps away from achieving the perfect and subtle brown smokey eye look. Sport it in style this festive season!

There are many of us, who always have a makeup drawer overflowing with many hues of eyeliner and we never really know what to do with it. Well, a smoky eye is a great way to get your eyeliner to multitask. A brown smokey eye is all the rage of the festive season. It is important when you wear those blingy and bright clothes that your makeup is subtle and subdued. A smokey eye in a neutral brown is just the sort of technique you may want to master this festive season. This classy look can be worn by anyone regardless of skin complexion. Pair this retro look with bronzy cheeks and a classic red lipstick that has a velvety finish.brown-smokey-eye-01

And here is how you do it, complete with the tools of the magic you will create with your eyes:brown-smokey-eye-02

1. Primer: There aren’t enough words written on any blog that emphasize the importance of an eye-primer. Let’s just say it is akin to making your bed before you sleep on it. Well that didn’t exactly make sense, but what will make perfect sense is putting some eye primer on your eyes to hide imperfections, create a base, conceal and even make your eye makeup last longer. Need any more reasons to bag that primer??

Zuri Recommends: Colorbar Perfect Match Primerbrown-smokey-eye-03

2. Use an eye pencil: Instead of using heavy or glittery eye shadow, use an eye pencil instead. Use a long lasting and preferably matte effect pencil. A gel may be practical if you are a pro at smudging. The smokey effect is very subtle by using a brown eye pencil and smudging it with a q-tip around the upper and lower lash line. This creates a beautiful softness to the eyes. Go over the eye line once again with the eye pencil.

Zuri Recommends: Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil, Smogbrown-smokey-eye-04

3. Eye shadow to fill in the lines: Use an eye shadow not as an added makeup tool, but to subtly fill in the gap areas where the smudging has been less than perfect. Also, instead of the sponge tool, use the thin brush to apply eye shadow rather than smear it all over.

Zuri Recommends: MAC Eye Shadow Matte Charcoal Brownbrown-smokey-eye-05

4. Festive bronze: Nothing screams festive more than bronze-gold eyelids. But if you are doing this, ditch any thoughts of using any eyeliner. Apply cream eye shadow on the lid and buff into a bigger shape. Use a blending brush to soften toward the edges, especially around the crease. Add a gold, shimmery eye shadow at the center of the lids. For extra glamour, pair this look with a rich red lipstick or bold burgundy shade.

Zuri Recommends: Inglot Freedom System Smooth, Long Lasting And Crease Resistant Eye Shadow Pearl Square (405)brown-smokey-eye-06

5. Falsies: False lashes always add definition to the eyes. But if you are not comfortable with them, simply use a clear mascara – not a black one so it won’t look too fierce against the subtle brown look.

Zuri Recommends: MAC False Eyelashesbrown-smokey-eye-07

6. Use that highlighter: This last tip has nothing to do with eyes, but it serves well to enhance what you have done with your peepers, especially if you have kept the look subtle. Apply an intense highlighter to the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. Dewy highlighters are being used and abused by make-up artists. A touch of gloss is used to highlight features where the light hits, such as the cupids bow, tip of the nose and inner corners of the eyes. Spray a fixer to seal in the look.

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