Top 4 sexy Halloween makeup ideas

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

Here are 4 sexy and bewitching looks and makeup ideas to sport this Halloween!

It’s Halloween today. While some of you are busy organizing your own Halloween parties, some of you are pondering how to dress up to have all eyes on you when you enter one of those parties this year. We bring to you four very sexy makeup ideas to steal the limelight.halloween-makeup-ideas-01

1. The bewitching witch look:

The witch look is always the classic one when it comes to Halloween. So go for this one and bewitch one an all. Start with your normal base makeup so as to create a barrier for all that extra you will pile on to reach to that look. Once done with that apply crème lime color rouge all over your face and neck with a makeup sponge. Blend into the skin properly. To give proper contouring to the face, apply a darker shade of lime green to the hollows of your cheeks, temples, along the hairline and jawline, and the sides of the nose. Set this with transparent pressed powder. But be sure to tap the powder with the brush instead of dragging it. With a fluffy eye shadow brush apply emerald green eye shadow on the outside corners of your eyes and also on the inside corners. Apply it on the inside bridge of your nose as well.

Smoke out the lower lash line with a charcoal black shadow. Apply a bright gold shadow onto the inside corners of your eyes. Line the upper and lower lash line with black eyeliner. Apply false eyelashes. Use a pencil liner to make your eyebrows more pronounced and arched.

Done with this, apply shimmery green shadow to the parts of your face you had contoured earlier. For your lips, use a purple lip liner and then fill the insides with a shimmery lavender color. Voila, you are ready to rock the Halloween this year!

2. The sexy mermaid look:

Become everyone’s fantasy with this killer mermaid look. Even out your skin with foundation and concealer. Then line your eyes with a black pencil and smudge the pigment underneath your eyes. With a fluffy shadow brush, apply cyan blue cream shadow and thoroughly blend it underneath the brows, onto the temples and upward the hairline. Fill up the inner half of the lids with a pale turquoise blue and the outer corners with a purple blue powder. To cover the brows, comb the light blue cream through the hairs with a clean mascara wand.

To create fish-like scales, you can cover your face till the hollows of your cheeks with plastic netting and with a fluffy brush apply a layer of makeup paint through the net. Top the creamy layer with powder so that the effect lasts longer. Apply glitters along the sides of the face for the ultimate scaly touch.

Repeat the same to get scales on the other parts of your body. Create feline like flicks along the top lashes with liquid eyeliner. Apply false lashes for volume. Paint your lips accordingly. To add more sparkle to your entire look, stick some sequins above the arch of your eyebrows. The sexy mermaid is ready to steal hearts!

3. The sensuous vampire look:

Another favorite Halloween character, the vampire look can be tried to look the blood-sucking diva. Apply a foundation a shade or two lighter than your normal shade. Use a beauty sponge to apply a cream shadow color in white to highlight your T-zone. Add a shimmery white eye shadow to your brow bones, inner corner of your eyes and the center of your eyelids. Use a reddish brown eye shadow to create a dramatic cat eye. Extend it into your creases. Apply a bright red shadow on top of it and along your lower lash line. Use a dark black shadow as smudgy eyeliner around your eyes. Extend it out into the cat eye as well. Create a smokey eye shadow look with a black gel liner and a fine pointed brush. Apply a few coats of mascara after adding false eyelashes.

Use the same liner to line your lips and partially fill them up. Finish it off with a bright red lipstick just at the center of your lips. Contour the hollow of your cheeks, temples and along the jawline with a bronzer. You are now all ready for a fun-sucking night of entertainment!

4. The sexy black cat look:

Another Halloween classic, the black cat look is another favorite. It is very easy to create without much fuss. All you need is your black eyeliner. After you are done with your regular makeup, apply some shimmery ivory eye shadow on your lids, brow bone and in the inner crease of your eyes. Top it up with a brown eye shadow to the crease of your lids. Draw an elongated cat eye using a fine point brush and a black gel liner pen. Continue the line on the lower lash line, make the outside line a bit thicker. Put on false eyelashes.

Apply some concealer underneath your eyes, bridge of your nose, chin, upper lip and the lips. Using a shadow brush and a bronzer contour the sides of your nose. Apply the bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks as well. Add dots to your cheeks with a gel liner and a fine point brush. Draw a cat nose with a thin line connecting to your upper lip. Fill it up with the black liner. After the liner dries, rub off some concealer from the center of your lower lip to expose a little of your natural lip color.

Now you are ready to purr, the sexy cat lady 🙂




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