Poll Tuesday #84 – Makeup colors

Just answer these 5 easy, look-based questions to know what makeup colors suit your complexion. Take the quiz now!!Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A’s: Zuri advises you to stay away from makeup that is too dark, or you will look overly made up. If you are very fair, steer clear of using any product that reads too yellow. For foundation, go for the lighter shades in a porcelain color palette, with pink undertones please. As for eye shadows, you’ll look best in soft pinks and neutrals. Stick to blushes in nude or soft pink and lipsticks that are soft pink or tinted glosses in a sheer berry color 🙂

3 ore more B’s: We advice you pick makeup colors with golden undertone, but are not too dark. Be sure to balance out your makeup by emphasizing one aspect over another. For example: If you go with a strong lip color, then use a lighter shade of blush. For foundation, choose colors that are on the light and fair side in cream, ivory and beige tones. As for eye shadows, go with champagne or bronze shades. Stick to blushes in the peach shades and lipsticks that are in the coral pink family. For more drama, go with a sheer lip gloss in red.

3 or more C’s: Your makeup should have a red undertone or your makeup will end up looking grey or ashy. For foundation, choose colors that are on the deep end of the spectrum and have a terracotta undertone. As for eye shadows, navy and purples work great with black eyeliner. Stick to blushes in the plum shades, and wear lipsticks in ruby red or deep purple for a sexy look!

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