7 Crucial things to follow when doing your own wedding makeup 

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Getting married? Doing your own makeup? Here are certain crucial things you must keep in mind while doing your own wedding makeup!

Doing your own wedding makeup is a great idea because of several reasons. Besides the most obvious reason that it stretches your budget and saves cost, it also works because nobody knows your face and what looks good on it better than you!wedding-makeup-06

That being said, the responsibility for your own makeup on one of the most crucial days of your life can be intimidating. You are taking your face into your own hands for your wedding, and you want to make sure you look stunning. You will be photographed and the centre of attention – you had better be looking good.

Before you set out to read some of the most important things to remember when you decide to take charge of your own makeup, do remember that skincare and preparation – that should start at least three months prior – is important. More than you think it is. You’ll want the perfect canvas for your makeup, and getting facials prior to the big day will help your skin glow. Adopting an effective at-home skincare routine is also essential and this is why a skincare regime should start three months before the wedding.

Here are 7 crucial things to follow when you decide to do your own wedding makeup to look flawless..

1. Don’t stray too far from your everyday look:

It is tempting to get excited and go overboard for the big day. After all, you do need to look different than you do on regular days. But, you also must look like the best version of you on your wedding day. Don’t do a dramatic cat eye when they usually wear a thin liner or no eye makeup at all. If you normally wear nude shadows, bump it up with a shimmery nude shadow, but lay off the darker shades if that’s not what you’re used to. Go easy on the contouring for a more natural look. Contouring, if it’s done wrong, can be too harsh and noticeable for video and real life. If you choose to contour, use a powder palette so you can subtly build on the depth. Generally, don’t go too trendy with your makeup look. Just making a few minor changes to your signature look should be good enough.

The same goes for products. Stick with the products you’re positive will work for you. Don’t experiment just because the world is using strobe cream if you are not comfortable with how and when to use it.wedding-makeup-07

2. Don’t go for anything that is too trend-led:

Remember that wedding pictures last a whole lifetime. Avoid statement looks that may be temporarily in vogue and opt for something more classic; that blue mascara off a makeup brand catalogue may look hot today, but chances are it’ll look weird in five years’ time. This does not mean you have to make yourself up in a symphony of beiges though if you’re used to a more vibrant makeup palette – vintage wedding lehengas in particular can look breathtaking with a classic red lip color.wedding-makeup-08

3. Do several trials:

To check what you want and what will work, begin doing makeup trials using different products at least two months in advance. Take photos with the looks so you know if it really does look niceunder different kinds of lighting (fluorescent, natural, candlelit, etc.). This will ensure you can lock in the look several days in advance and also practice it a few times before your big day. Allow yourself plenty of time to do your makeup on your big day. The last thing you want is to be rushed and therefore make mistakes.wedding-makeup-09

4. Be careful not to go too natural:

Girls who do not wear makeup may not wear enough makeup on their wedding day and that is a blunder! The fresh-faced look is always pleasant, but there is a way to do natural glam that looks great on camera and still feels comfortable. Your best bet is to pump up the blush a little so you don’t get washed out in photos, and go a little heavier with eyeliner and mascara.wedding-makeup-10

5. Highlight your best features:

Focus on the most important elements of your look, such as beautifully natural-looking skin, softly groomed brows and feathery lashes. If you get these basic factors right the rest of your make-up will fall into place. For the perfect wedding glow, use highlighter. To avoid a shiny face, choose a matte formula for most of your makeup (foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer, powder). Then, to give yourself that angelic red-carpet glow, take a shimmery cream highlighter, and apply it with a fan brush across the tops of your cheekbones, down the middle of your nose, above your cupid’s bow, in the middle of your chin, and over your brow bone. Only apply the shimmer highlighter to the areas on your face that naturally catch the light to avoid looking like a disco ball. Also, avoid highlighting areas with breakouts because the product will, well, highlight your blemish.wedding-makeup-11

6. Opt for quality makeup products:

Look for products labeled “long-wear,” “long-lasting,” and “waterproof.” Brides typically start getting ready early in the morning and need to look camera-ready until the very end of the day. The key to keeping the majority of your makeup in place through the sweat, tears, and hugs is to use products that are designed to last. Don’t reach for products that are high-definition, anti-aging, or contain SPF, which will give your face a white cast in photos. HD powders and anti-aging concealers are great when used minimally, but if you use even the slightest bit too much, the particles in the products will act as mirrors and reflect the camera’s flash, leaving you with a ghostly pale face. If your wedding is outside, it’s a good idea to use products with SPF, but be careful that it doesn’t leave behind an ashy or bluish tone on your skin.

7. Finish with a setting spray to keep your makeup in place:

Spritz your face with a makeup sealer so it doesn’t budge through the emotions and festivities. Long-wear makeup be damned. The key to really making your makeup last, is using a setting spray.wedding-makeup-14





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