7 Winter inspired bridal makeup ideas for to-be-brides

by Aarti Kapur Singh

This winter, all you to-be-brides, look stunning with these 7 winter inspired makeup tips!

Your wedding day is one day where you should look nothing short of perfect. Trends and fads come and go, but classic looks pass the test of time and will look good even when you look at your wedding pictures even decades later. 2016 weddings are all about bright colors like matte reds, hot corals, mineralized peaches, and hot pink and fuchsia. Here are a few trends and looks that are everlasting. You can choose these winter inspired bridal makeup ideas depending on various wedding functions. From Sangeet to mehndi to wedding and reception – there is something for everyone. bridal-makeup-20

1. Fresh, subtle skin highlights: For day time functions, don’t go overboard with product overdose. Instead, rely on healthy-looking, radiant skin. Flawlessly natural-looking and not heavily covered and overly contoured skin is ideal for day functions. Creamy, dewy-looking skin is your best asset for a day event. Use a lightweight, dewy foundation to even out your skin tone, then apply a stick foundation or concealer around the nose and under the eye to help camouflage any extra discoloration and blend seamlessly with foundation (use a rounded, fluffy eye shadow brush for easy blending). Finish your look with a dewy highlighter on the tops of cheekbones and the cupid’s bow of the lips. For a glowing look, avoid shimmer or glitter and use a highlighter on the higher planes of the face. The idea should be to make the skin appear glowing and not shimmery. Shimmer looks great if you use  it sparingly on only one part of the face – either the eyes or the cheeks.bridal-makeup-21

If you must contour your face, use a bronzer instead of a contouring stick because it is easier to blend and does not leave behind harsh lines. Take a blush brush, preferably angular, and apply with strokes on to the sides of the chin, but not on the center. Do the same on the sides of the forehead, and on the two sides along the nose bone, but not on the top. Suck your cheeks in and use some bronzer on the top part of the contours, near to the ear, in light strokes. But make sure it is not along the entire length of the contour.

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2. Metallic eyeshadow: Gold eye makeup perfectly matched the red, fuchsia, or green lehengas, ghagras, or heavy saris. Silver can also be used to bring out the rare colors or accents of your outfit. In fact, for a cocktail event, you can combine gold and silver on your eyelids. Paint your eyelids with a neutral shade – a gentle brown or peachy pink shade, and use some charcoal shadow on the exterior lid contours to give a subtle, smokey effect. You can achieve this by using a brown shade on the inner crease area. Rather than a traditional black smoky eye, the upgraded version features a touch of copper shimmer in the center — perfect for brown-eyed girls.

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3. Glitter eyeliner: Talking about eyes – the most beautiful facial feature Indian women can flaunt – glitter eyeliner is a perfect way to make a statement for an evening wedding event. Fendi and Tommy Hilfiger shows have been going big on glitter this year. Black eyeliner and glitter look stunning together. Apply black eyeliner pencil around the entire eye. Then, pat the desired amount of glitter using a small round brush — either a hint here and there or along the entire line (you can also use a cream for softer looks). Be daring and use an emerald green glitter pot or take a more subtle approach with neutral colors like copper, rose, and gold.

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4. Colored eyeliner: While brown or black kajal and eyeliner will remain so in the list of Indian bridal makeup trends, for the informal celebrations such as Sangeet and engagement, you can try colored liners for your Sangeet, engagement and or Haldi. Colored eyeliners add instant glamour to your bridal look. Do remember to keep rest of the face minimal so you won’t look too colorful.

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5. Feathery lashes: Full, false lashes on your top lash line invariably make your eyes look larger and more awake. Keep the rest of your makeup palette neutral for a look that’s modern, rather than overdone. Falsies are the most luxe way to dramatize any look. Dramatic lashes can be done alone or with light illuminated eye colors for a high-contrast look. Apply faux lash sets spaced evenly across the eye, then top with an icy shadow or a build-able mascara applied in two to three coats, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.

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6. Ombre lipsA strong red lip couldn’t be more stunning, but if you want to give this classic look a modern twist, add some ombré into the mix. Ombre means having two different colors that are monochromatic. Ombre lips can look awesome, but if not done correctly they can make you look very tacky! The secret to doing ombre lips is to first try it out with your regular lip colors. Play around with different hues that merge well together and once you are satisfied with the results only then step out into the open. The first step is to understand which two colors can look good together to create the effect.

To decide the colors, pick one color that is your main lip color. Then choose a color that is either lighter than your base color or darker than your base color.  But make sure it is similar in hue. The best look for ombre lips is achieved if you use a red lipstick and pair it up with the darkest brown you have. The secret is to use two colors that can be used to create a gradient of color on your lips. The last step is to highlight using a pigment eye shadow and dab a little right in the middle of your lips, upper and lower, almost in a little circle. Blot it out with my finger. Once you’ve blended everything together, it ends up being a subtle but pretty effect. And the powder highlight has the advantage of not smudging and going everywhere like lighter lipstick does.

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7. Glossy black cherry lips: Black-cherry lipstick is sexy. Black-cherry lipstick covered in latex-like shine is sexy and badass and a little bit naughty (in a good way). The only tricky part is getting this glossy look to stay in place. To ensure staying power, start by lining and filling in your lips with a deep wine-colored pencil. Apply a layer of lipstick in a similar shade, blot with a tissue, and reapply—this will deposit a ton of pigment and remove some of the emollients in the formula. Then top with a clear lip gloss and throw it in your purse for touch-ups.

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