5 Elegant bridal hair and makeup looks inspired by Bollywood movies

by Mansi Kohli

Elegance personified looking at Bollywood bridal hair and makeup looks!

Since we are a nation besotted with the looks shown to us in Bollywood movies, for every fashion touch we need; we would like to also check out a couple of Bollywood bridal looks that we can emulate this time at our own weddings. Grab a pen and a paper to create a checklist, which you can discuss further with your makeup artist. Take a look at these five amazing looks, of all time!bridal-hair-and-makeup-01

1. A little vintage:

Brides these days don’t mind playing with a vintage touch, which is an elegant way to display and flaunt their bridal look at their own wedding. Back in the day, beehive buns and bouffant were the norm with bridal hair, accessories with maangtikkas and pasas on the hair, middle partitioning for the mane, and the makeup was with loud blush on the cheek and heavy pan stick mixed with pancake and shimmer all over the face- dark red lips for sure completed the look, with sultry copper eyes and heavy mascara for the lashes.bridal-hair-and-makeup-02

2. Elegant yet quirked up:

Anything but red, and that is what most Indian brides these days for their own wedding opt not to wear for their wedding. This makes us wonder, what would be best to keep the makeup color tones in and how to do the hair. If you are planning on wearing a bright cool toned ensemble for your wedding this winter; pair it up with light bridal makeup, dark glossy red lips and a moderate dose of blush for the cheeks- heavy lashes and mascara would complete the look. For the hair, a messy updo would balance the look with statement bridal hair pieces.bridal-hair-and-makeup-03

3. The elegant princess look:

Trust the flower power days of the seventies to happily surprise us with an elegant bridal look again; braided long plaits tied into low buns were the norm for most Indian brides back then- decked up with elegant tri-chain maangtikkas- sleek and nice. Dark cat eyeliners or winged liners for the eye lids with copper eye shadow ruled the look in the seventies for the bridal scene, coupled with hot red or orange for the lips. Blush was mostly in matte pinks or light reds, blended with a little shimmer for glam sake.bridal-hair-and-makeup-04

4. Sultry southern sirens:

Who better to think off than our very own Sridevi Ayyapan Kapoor to show us how to rock on the south Indian bridal elegant look- hair and makeup. Long braided plaits, embellished with hair jewelry from the tip of the plait to the end of it, and covered with flowers is a must. Makeup wise, the eyes need to be hot and sultry, smokey if possible, with dark eyeliner for the upper and lower lash line. Lips can be glossy pink to deep pinks, which goes very well with Indian skin tones down south.bridal-hair-and-makeup-05

5. The queen of the king:

Every bride wants to look like a queen for her king she’s marrying, at her wedding and forever. This is why, we shall look at the gorgeous bridal look worn by Katrina in the movie Singh Is King! While the hair is tied neatly into a gorgeous low bun, embellished with a kundan maang tikka that match the kundan statement bridal set she wears, the bridal makeup for a day wedding if you notice is kept natural and to the minimal. Smoked up eyes and pink glossy lips with a hint of blush for the cheeks, makes the bride blush with joy.bridal-hair-and-makeup-06

Do write in and let us know if you want to go for the retro vintage touch or the modern day minimalistic bridal look? We are eager to hear from you!

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