Poll Tuesday #86 – What is your bridal style?

All you to-be-brides! Here, answer these 5 simple questions to know what kind of style statement would you like to make on the wedding day!Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A’s: You’re a Rustic Chic bride! Adventurous at heart, your wedding is sure to have as much personality as you. Light, airy and romantic details will make you and your guests swoon.

3 or more B’s: You’re a Modern Minimalist bride! You’re a bride on a mission, a trend-setter. You keep things simple and elegant, because you understand the beauty in understated, clean styles. Your ultra-chic wedding will prove that sometimes less really is more and will let YOU shine.

3 or more C’s: You’re a Classic Prep bride! You embrace wedding and family traditions, but add your own special flair. You have the poise to carry off uber-chic styles with grace and elegance when all eyes are on you (and they will be).


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