Ask Zuri #23 – Henna for Hair

How many of you have been wanting to know if applying henna is good for your hair? Have you been looking for an answer to this beauty query? Well! Your search ends now!ask-zuri-23

Answer: What henna does is coat the hair shaft with a thick layer of waxy pigment. As you keep coloring your hair with henna, this layer of waxy pigment gets thicker and thicker. That layer of waxy pigment makes it nearly impossible for other products to penetrate the hair. Be it hot oil or protein treatments, professional colors, perm solutions, etc. It also tends to dull the hair and eventually begins to either weigh it down or lift the cuticle scales of the outer hair shaft, making your hair frizzy and prone to breakage since products that strengthen your hair can no longer penetrate it. If you want healthy hair, I’d say don’t use henna. – Samaanta Dwivedi, Founder,

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