7 Amazing winter makeup tips and hacks no one told you

by Mansi Kohli

We bet your stylist did not tell you about these seven winter makeup tips and hacks!

We know how much you love makeup, and how you follow almost every fashionista on  Instagram to know of the latest makeup trends too- hence, we would like to share a couple of winter makeup tips and tricks, hacks to be precise which most makeup experts wouldn’t want the world to know about. This is because, makeup is art and good artists never let out their secrets- but we do! Take a look at these seven easy tips, tricks and hacks when dolling up for the winter parties and make your makeup flawless. Check them out!winter-makeup-tips-01

1. Use brown eye shadow for a natural sultry eye look: Sultry eyes are seductive and sensual, especially when worn during the winter. Day or night, you can make the eyelids smokey and haute, with brown eye shadow. All you need to do is to use light brown as an eyewash for the whole eyelid. A darker shade of copper matte brown for the crease and the mid section of the eyes, and top it with light shimmer browns for the smokey look. Instead of using black liner, you can use brown liner smudged with shimmer brown shadow to line the upper and lower tear lines.

Zuri recommends: Urban Decay Naked 2winter-makeup-tips-02

2. For a healthy blush to last long: In most cases, you would use blush on the cheeks after the base is set. And in an hour or two, you would run to the washroom for a touch up. Let this be the last mistake you make ever- start by applying two strokes of blush and then apply the base over it. Now top the base with one stroke of light blush in the same hue- this allows the blush to wear off evenly and over a long time, keeping a healthy glow.

Zuri recommends: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blushwinter-makeup-tips-03

3. To make the lips thick and glossyThick glossy lips are what we desire to have, which allows for a sexy pout too. However, just glossy lipstick wouldn’t do the needful; you need to have a touch of white shimmer powder for the lips. Dab a little shimmer powder in the center of the lips, and then apply your lipstick over it- allow it to blend well and to set.

Zuri recommends: Makeup Forever Diamond White Turquoise Powder winter-makeup-tips-04

4. To add more volume to the lashes: Who doesn’t want to have more length to their lashes? Dramatic long lashes can be attained even without a volumnizing mascara. For that you would need to dip the spoolie into cotton and then into the mascara tube, and then apply it on the lashes, which makes the lashes hold onto the cotton fibers for long.

Zuri recommends: L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lasheswinter-makeup-tips-05

5. Petroleum jelly to highlight the skin: When contouring is done and if you have run out of highlighter powder, fear not and worry not. You now can use petroleum jelly to dab around the areas for a shine and dewy gloss effect to come through. Finger dab the area and use a foundation brush to sweep about, and the shine would come.

Zuri recommends: Vaselinewinter-makeup-tips-06

6. Highlight to contour dark skinSounds true to every bit and works wonders for dusky to ebony Indian skin tones– a little highlighter powder can be used in place of brown contouring powder to highlight and contour the skin, with natural glow to attain. Just highlight the areas that you would always highlight, and don’t use any contouring powder after it. This would define the face shape.

Zuri Recommends: NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatrosswinter-makeup-tips-07

7. Cut crease eyes in seconds: Don’t waste your energy trying to draw the perfect eye crease when you can use a plastic spoon and a dark eye shadow to do the same, in seconds. Place the hollow part of the spoon on your eyelids, and shadow around the rim of the spoon to form the crease you want- in less than a second!

Zuri recommends: NYX Dark Eyeshadow Palette De De winter-makeup-tips-08

Try them all and let us know how it went!

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