5 Classic black smokey eye looks for winter parties

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

Check out sexy and sultry- classic black smokey eye looks which can be sported at winter bashes in style!

The winter chills have set in. It will be party time again with the wedding season kicking in. For the ones who love makeup, you know how a properly done eye makeup can change your entire appearance. Make black your color. Smolder and scorch the winter evenings with these smokey eye looks.classic-black-smokey-eye-look-01

1. Black smokey eyes:

Apply matte black eye shadow all over your lid after using some eye shadow primer. Apply the same eye shadow on your lower lash line using a thinner brush. For sharp edges, use a business card and align it with the lower lash line eye shadow and at the end of your eyebrow tail. Press the card like you would press a ruler and apply black eye shadow on that area between the edge and the black eye shadow. For a winged look, you can apply it straight up. When you remove the business card, you get a crisp line. With a black kohl pencil, tight line your upper lash line. Use the kohl pencil on your lower lash line as well, till all the way to the tear duct area. Blend the black eye shadow edges using a light brown matte eye shadow. Repeat the same on the lower lash line as well. If there are any gaps, fill them up with a liner brush or the kohl pencil. Curl your lashes and apply black mascara on the top and lower lashes. Your smokey eyes are ready to rock any party in town.classic-black-smokey-eye-looks-02

2. Dramatic black smokey eyes:

First and foremost choose at least three color tones to achieve the dramatic smokey eye look. Black and gray tones are commonly used. Start with applying white base all over the eyelid, up to the brow. With a black eyeliner fill the upper part of the lid and blend the edges with a brush naturally. Highlight the brow bone in white shadow. Add more black shadow on the outer lid by blending it. Under the eyes, apply black shadow with a brush. Apply black eyeliner on the lower waterline and finish off this look with a generous coat of mascara.classic-black-smokey-eye-looks-03

3. Dark smokey eyes with silver glitter:

To create this look, just follow the steps to create black smokey eyes. To add a little twist to this look, layer some glitter on top of black for more sparkle and shine.classic-black-smokey-eye-looks-04

4. Black smokey cat eye: 

Always chic and timeless, this look elongates the eyes and gives the eyes a sexy and defined look. Using a soft black eye pencil create a cat eyeliner. With a small brush of dense and short hair, start blending the pencil onto the eyelid to create the smokey effect. Dab some dark eye shadow onto the brush to set the pencil. The pencil has to be well blended so that it maintains the basic cat eyeliner shape. Apply two-three coats of mascara. Line the bottom lash line with the black eye pencil. After adding color between the two lower lashes, blend in the pencil on the bottom waterline. Use a white or cream shadow to highlight the outer and corner area of the eyes. Your smokey cat eye look is ready!classic-black-smokey-eye-looks-05

5. Shimmery Gray-black eyes:

This is another look that can go along with the foggy weather. To start with use a black pencil all over your eyelid. Smudge this either with your fingers or a brush. Apply either a shimmery or black matte eye shadow over it. Then apply a grey eye shadow in the middle of the lid. For a little more depth, take a pencil brush and apply some black eye shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and make circles on the same. Now apply a soft brown shadow all over the crease of the eye in a windshield wiper like motion. Use a light highlighting shade on the brow bone, bringing it all the way to the inner corner of the eye. Adding false lashes is a personal choice, depending on the kind of look you want to create.classic-black-smokey-eye-looks-06






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