6 Wedding makeup ideas for a November bride

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

This November all you to-be-brides, look stunning in our recommended wedding makeup ideas! 

There is a nip in the air, trees shedding their leaves for a new and fresh beginning. Fallen leaves crunch and crackle under your feet. The enchanting fall season is here with its abundance of bronze, golden, gray and misty look. While you are enjoying the joys of the season in the frenzy of your wedding preparation in full swing, we bring to you six amazing wedding makeup looks to be the beautiful and gorgeous fall bride. Take your pick depending on your dress and mood wedding-makeup-01

Fall makeup looks usually are bold and dramatic, as this season is the time of rich colors. If you prefer the bold look, then go for bold shades – shades of red, purple, pink or brown. Accent your lips with a bold color that suits you the best and for the remaining part of your face either go for a gold, bronze or copper look. You can also go for vine color on your lips.wedding-makeup-02

wedding-makeup-03You can match your manicure with the bold color of your lips. This look is surely going to make you look glamorous and sexy!

If you are the one who likes more of eye makeup, then there is another interesting look that is equally gorgeous. You can go for the metallic eye makeup. Here you can emphasize more on the eyes and go for softer colors for the rest of the face including the lips. Bronze sparkle on the eyes and earthy brown shades for the lips also look good with bridal ensembles of gold. Using copper eyeshadow also gives a beautiful sheen to the overall appeal.wedding-makeup-04

wedding-makeup-05Fall brides have a very good chance to go for the smokey eye look as the cold weather helps you in keeping your makeup intact. Combine smokey eyes with bold eyebrows and pale pink lips. And if you are not fond of too much of makeup, then you can go for soft smokey eyes combined with nude lips and blushed cheeks for an out and out natural feel.wedding-makeup-06

Another makeup look that that never loses its appeal is the gold eyeshadow look combined with luscious eyelashes. Put on false eyelashes and apply mascara generously to give your eyelashes a full and heavy look. For the blusher and lipstick you can go for ear.wedding-makeup-07

If there are any other makeup looks that you feel would look good during this season, do write back to us.wedding-makeup-08




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