5 Bridal makeup tips for a minimalist wedding theme

For those to-be-brides who are a fan of minimalist wedding theme and makeup, here are 5 bridal makeup tips for your to follow!

So your wedding day is right here! Soaring excitement? Your dream wedding is all about minimalism? Nothing too jazzy or opulent, rather simple and traditional! The basic color theme is rich pastels and nude colors? Floral arrangement, furniture, upholstery, wedding stage and even the cutlery reflect atypical minimalist aura? Then, all that matters is how the bride will be looking while she walks up the aisle! Will she be looking breathtakingly gorgeous in her simple looks? Oh! Yes.


Here are some simple Indian bridal makeup tips to help all your to-be-brides look your gorgeous best:

1. Don’t ignore your skin as a part of the pre-wedding preparation!: The pre-wedding prep isn’t only about wedding shopping. It’s also about taking good care of your skin, regular sleeping hours and a good hair care. A bride who is a lot into simplicity should try out amazing home remedies for a radiant and glowing face on her wedding day. Right beauty products can also come handy, for instance, a good face cleanser with which she can cleanse her face 3-4 times a day. Besides, using a good moisturizing cream can also protect her face from all the dust and pollution encountered at the time of shopping. In order to get rid of oily patches, blemishes, and acne, applying a face pack can be helpful. A piece of advice here. Don’t try out anything new that can cause irritation or redness of the skin. Stick to products and remedies that are well-tried and tested.


2. Pick the right foundation: Most ladies go wrong with makeup because the basic foundation of it is not in place. Yes! We literally mean “the foundation”! Therefore, one of the most important bridal makeup tips for a bride who doesn’t like to go overboard with her looks is that she picks the right foundation shade. However, winter brides need to be extra careful. In this weather, the skin tends to become drier. Hence, you might need to change your foundation shade. Always apply the foundation that matches your underlying skin color exactly. Also, after application, don’t forget to check your face in the natural light. To-be-brides here is another precaution that you must take. While the foundation will cover the blemishes and marks, a concealer is still a bridal beauty essential to get rid of any unwanted marks and especially, to hide those dark circles.


3. Eye shadow plays the most important role in your eye makeup: When it comes to a simple eye makeup that goes really well with the minimalist wedding theme, the key is a stunning eye shadow color. To begin your eye makeup, start by applying a light eye shadow base. Setting the base is crucial to adding sheen and glamor to your over all eye makeup look. Now apply an eye shadow color that belongs to the nude-shimmer family of the shade card. For instance, you are wearing a pastel shade lehenga with golden embroidery, then its best to go for a copper-colored eye shadow. Don’t forget to accentuate your eyes with a gel-based liner in black and a mascara- which is a must for voluminous lashes that look stunning and luscious.


4. Simple lipstick application technique: Whether you want to wear lipstick or lip gloss is up to you. Most modern brides of today are happy with a lip gloss. They get plenty of time for a touch-up. However, the bridal makeup tip for your lips is that in order to keep your lipstick or several coats of gloss in place, make sure your lip liner has been carefully purchased. A lip liner may not be a perfect match to your lipstick, but it got to be close. as to shade, that matches your lip color. For a bride who loves minimalism, a nude colored lipstick which has properties and goodness of a balm really work well.


Make sure the lip color matches your outfit. In case of very thin lips, you must avoid using a lip liner to outline your lips and just use it to color them. Apply lip gloss more towards the center to give your lips a fuller pout

5. Don’t go OTT with your hairstyle: This one can’t be overlooked at any cost. A good hairstyle can make or break the deal. For most Indian brides, the hair gets covered by the pally of lehengas chunni or spree’s pallu, but, the overall look gets defined by the way hair has been pulled up or down. So, even if it’s just an updo, make sure you try out different hairstyles months before your wedding day. Accessorize it with gorgeous bridal ornaments and hair accessories which can be seen through your netted outfit!


So, are you ready for the flawless-looking-pretty you for your wedding photography? To be able to look best-suited for a minimalist theme wedding, a smile is a must. After all, no blush can match that beautiful wedding, smiling glow radiating from the apples of your cheeks.


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