3 Gorgeous Christian bridal makeup styles

Checkout 3 stunning bridal makeup styles and looks for a Christian wedding!

A Christian bride in all her white gorgeous finery is a lovely sight to behold. When combined with the right makeup, hairstyle and accessories, a Christian bride can really look like a princess out of a fairytale! We bring to you three interesting makeup styles to go with your bridal ensemble. White color gives a very serene and beautiful look, so to enhance it use of correct makeup is extremely essential.makeup-styles-01

Check out these three looks ladies:

1. The pinkish silver look:

This look will make you look like the most adorable doll and it will be difficult for your better half to take his eyes off you, as you walk down the aisle to take your wows!

Start with a good concealer to hide all the dark spots, under eyes circle and fine lines on your face. Apply it on the neck area as well to get an even tone throughout. Select a base either similar or a shade lighter than your skin tone. Dab it all over the face and neck. Blend in well. Use a highlighter on the cheekbones and the jawline to enhance the shape of the face. Highlight the opposite areas and blend in properly. Use a good pressed powder to give a smooth finish to the base.


Start with the eyes. After applying loose powder on the eyelids and under the eyes, apply a silver highlighter on the brow bone and eye area. The silver shade should be the one that best suits your skin tone. Apply pink eye shadow on the inner eye area and black eye shadow on the crease area. Apply a double coat of this combination to get a dark and desired effect. Apply powdered eyeliner on both the eyelids using a thin brush. To give a complete look to your eyes, apply kohl on your eyebrows and blend in well. Apply mascara on both the lashes and outline the lower eye with kohl.

Use a light pink or a nude blusher on the cheek apples by starting from inside and moving upwards towards your hairline. Use the same silver highlighter here as well. Outline the lips with a lip brush and fill in with the pink shade that suits your face. Apply a nude gloss for some extra shine. To complete the look, use shimmer on the face and neck, blend in well with a brush.

2. The romantic pink look:

Christian weddings are mostly a daytime affair. The best idea is to create a bright and beautiful look to complement the white dress. Pink, peach, purple and coral are the colors that one can go for to achieve the desired look. A simple, soft and classy look can be achieved with the use of these light shades.


After you are done with the base, apply white eye pencil or a white cream eye shadow on your brow bone and the inner portion of the eyelid. Blend it well using your fingers. Set the liner with a white eye shadow. Apply a matte pink eye shadow all over the eyelids. Take a brown or a gray eye shadow and apply it to the outer corner and crease of the eyes. Do the same on the lower lash line.

Apply golden brown gel eyeliner on the upper lash line and lower water line. Smudge it away with a brush. Apply mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.

Use a peach blush on the cheek apples. For the lips use a pink shade that suits your face the best. Go for the one that will brighten up your entire face. Since it is a daytime wedding, you can let the lip gloss go.

3. The smokey eyes and red lips:

This is an all time chic and classy look. Highlight your eyes and lips to complement your gorgeous white dress. Accentuate your eyes with either gray back smokey eyes or an out an out black smokey eye look.


After you are done with the basics, start with your eyes, apply a kohl pencil very close to your lash line. Once done with it, blend it with a brush to get the smokey effect. Using a brush apply the lighter shade of the eye shadow all over the eyelid. Then apply the darker shadow from your lash line to the middle of the brow. With a brush, blend in the colors to get the proper shading. Apply kohl on the lower lash line and finish off with a thick coat of mascara.

The cheek apples can be highlighted in nude. Go for a deep red lip shade for your lips. Outline the lips with a lighter color lip pencil and fill the inside with the red shade. You can go for lipgloss or let the lips remain muted in red.

Whatever look you create with the makeup, the extensive hairstyle with all the flowers, tiara, veil and other accessories, is surely going to make you look the best as you wish for yourself to look!

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

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