Poll Tuesday #87 – Hair care products and you!

Answer these 5 easy questions to find out which hair care products should be used by you!Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A’s: You are more than willing to take care of your hair, however, it is not normal to lose more than 100 hair strands per day,  and that is probably happening in your case due to over exposing them to heating tools and chemicals. Do start taking precautions such as avoid excessive hair washing and visits to hair salons. Do also make it a point to check for extra thinning or even bald spots. Start using a shampoo for hair loss that contains powerful DHT blockers and nutrients to stimulate hair follicles.

3 or more B’s: You are pretty wise when it comes to taking care of your hair. Naturally curly and kinky hair require extra moisturization. Use a shampoo and styling gel for curly hair to properly nourish your hair.

3 or more C’s: Fine and thin hair texture needs some extra help when it comes to creating voluminous styles. We recommend you try out shampoo for fine/thin hair which is bound to add volume without weighing hair down and provide a good foundation for styles that require extra body.

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