20 Mind-blowing nail art designs to sport at winter weddings

This wedding season, sport all new and trendy nail art designs for a strong impact!

Winter weddings are on and rocking! Most Indian weddings witness a shower of reds, maroons, fuchsia pinks, bright oranges and similar shades! But, because the current fashion and beauty trends are also getting inspired by the international hues, therefore, the festive shades of reds, purples, blues, greens are also dominating the Indian wedding scene. Other elements that are also represented in their full glory are glittery silver and shimmery gold. And this holds true for makeup, outfits, as well as nail art designs.nail-art-designs-272

In order to keep all you to-be-brides posted on the popular nail art designs, Zuri has handpicked 4 trending nail art ideas which are going to rule this winter weddings.

1. Burgundy and glitter:

If you though bridal reds and maroons are the only colors that scream ‘Indian bride‘ out loud and clear, then think again. Burgundy is definitely the most happening color for now. So all you to-be-brides who are looking to amp up your style statement like a diva! It’s time for a new manicure! Since the color of the season is burgundy, you better wear it in style. nail-art-designs-273

2. Nude nails:

For those who are in love with everything simple and minimalist, this one is for you! Inspired by the lightest shades which also happen to be quite versatile, nude nail art designs can be customized to go well with the outfit/ makeup looks. Besides, nude nails, can never go out of fashion. They represent timeless elegance. To jazz them up, you can add a touch of glitter/ embellishments such as rhinestones and studs. Moreover, nude nail art designs look good on all skin tones and age groups. nail-art-designs-274

3. Glitter placement:

If you are a modern-age bride with a quirky personality, then our nail art experts suggest you try out something really fancy! From colorful rainbow fish to mosaic, nail art designs based on glitter placement are easy-to-do and worth all your efforts. Match them with your bridal outfit or be a part of the playful act by sporting a major contrast. For a proper finish do visit the nail art salon. After all, if you are trying it for the first time, there is no scope for mistakes!nail-art-designs-275

4. Henna nails:

Mehndi isn’t just for your hands! This wedding season, pay special attention to your hands and feet. Now match the henna design of your hands and feet with your fingernails. Go for intricate Moroccan designs, traditional rangoli  designs or appliqué work which can be placed over your solid polishes to get instant nail art. nail-art-designs-276

Take a look at some of the most beautiful nail art designs for the upcoming winter weddings!


by Vaishali Sudan Sharma


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