How to pull off bold lipstick color on your wedding day!

Three gorgeous ways to ensure you rightly flaunt the bold lipstick shade at your wedding!

Think of the color wheel here; think of complimentary colors, and think what they can do when you have bold lipsticks to play with on your wedding, and how to gel the shade well with your bridal haute couture and the overall look! This can be confusing, but not for the right skilled hands and minds that know very well how to make the bold lipstick work to your advantage on your big day. If you would like to wear the bold lipstick all on your own, without anyone’s help; we pray that you do it right. Bold lips can be overwhelming to try but hot to wear, which is why we would like to share three ways on pulling off the bold lipstick for your wedding.bold-lipstick-color-01

1. Deep plum lips:

Glossy tones are a must wear in shades and colors for a winter wedding, which is why one could even think of wearing plum and purplish cool toned deep glossy lipstick with their bridal trousseau. But you have to pull off the look like a diva, so what do you do? If you have thick lips, avoid the glossy touch, and wear matte plums; vice-versa for thin lips. The cool toned plum shade can go well with shades such as marigold yellows, golds and grays, dark beige and yellow ocher shades. Keep your accessories and solah shringar to gold only, which further enhances the look of the bridal makeup.bold-lipstick-color-02

2. Deep rosy red lips:

Rose red hot lips are the most wanted bridal lips it seems, which is why makeup artists decking up a bride would want to understand the bridal colors before they start their work. If you wish to stun the invitees wearing deep red shades of lipstick at the wedding and while the reception is on, by all means do so. However, stick to the complimentary shades for your eye makeup and the trousseau- light green yellow and golds for the eyes would be the best choice to pull of the look with, and the bridal trousseau should be on the lines of greens, blues and yellows too- a perfect complimenting effect. Cyan reds for the bridal trousseau with red deep hot lips too make an interesting combo.bold-lipstick-color-03

3. Deep pink lips:

Every girl’s favorite shade it seems, you have the pink glossy lips doing the rounds this winter season- not light, but very deep and sexy. The complimenting shades to glossy pinks that run deep for the lips are, lime green and sea blues to the best. What you could do is to have your pink lips done, but wearing your trousseau in blues and greens or your eye makeup in the complimentary shades would be the safest bet to think off. A combo of pink and green for the eye makeup would be a scintillating effect and touch as well. Accessory wise chunky accessories in bold tones would pull off the deep pink lips and make the bride look super fabulous.bold-lipstick-color-04

How do you pull off shades of a bold lipstick? We would like your tips too and would want to share them with the world, do write in!


by Mansi Kohli


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