Affordable Eye Palette Guide – Best smokey eye palettes under Rs. 500

You can have those smokey eyes by buying these palettes for just under INR 500!

Don’t rub your eyes, and we aren’t joking when we say that there are smokey eye palettes under Rs. 500 for you to pick up. Yes, that is true so stop pinching yourself too hard. Today we would like to share with you the names of the brands that offer smokey eye palettes under Rs. 500, and where to pick them up from as well. Happy aren’t we? Smokey eyes now can be done easily and you don’t have to worry about the cost too. Here are five palettes that are actually cost-effective to buy- smokey eye palettes under Rs. 500 just for you- be the envy of all the gal pals at work and in your life- here’s your chance!smokey-eye-palettes-01

1. A smokey quartet:

Winter is all set to make us smokey and haute this Christmas and during the holiday season. What we love about smokey eye palettes would be the range of deep dark shades that bring around the sexy smokey effect we so desire. These days the colors we get are a radiant bunch with a touch of shimmer in them, and ready to blend in with any other color as well. From everyday to party looks, and even for a wedding reception too, you can bank on such palettes. The best part is, the colors are here to stay for long- no touch ups required!

Zuri recommends: Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet, Smokey Glam, 7gsmokey-eye-palettes-02

2. Perfect smoked up beauty:

Who wouldn’t want to have a long line of praises coming to them at all the parties they attend? Smokey eyes can get you that, especially when you know how to dress the eyes up in deep sensual touches. Matte effects to perfect cat eyes and a palette that suits almost all skin types is what you would need. Moreover, from dark browns and blacks to gorgeous dark teals and blues too; smokey eyes in various shades and hues can be played with.

Zuri recommends: Sivanna smokey eyessmokey-eye-palettes-03

3. A compact touch to the eyes:

If you don’t wish to buy a whole quartet or a palette, you can opt for a compact case of one mineral shade. This would add glam sham to the smoked up look you want for your eyes for sure, and save your money too. Opt for the compact mineral gray shade, which would blend well and contour the eyes as well to make the smokey look come through. To add more oomph, you can always wear false lashes and heavy mascara; smoked up eyes in grey touches would never fade out.

Zuri recommends: Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettesmokey-eye-palettes-04

4. Copper dark blue smokey touches:

Perfect for the wedding, a reception look, for a fashion event or maybe to the bars and pubs, discos too, an amalgamation of dark copper and blue shadows for the eyes can create a hot smokey look for the eyes. Blend the pigments well, with the lighter shade from the inner corner to the mid section of the eyes and the darker shade outwards, and wear heavy kohl with it- get ready for the compliments to pour in.

Zuri recommends: Freedom 3-in-1 Artistry Eye Palettesmokey-eye-palettes-05

5. Smoking hot grays:

For a smoking haute hot touch to the lids, you need to have the right shade of ash-gray for the lids to deck up in. Contour the eyes with dark black shades and smudge it inwards, and then play with grays to enhance the smokey effect. The brow area should be decked in peach or white to further accentuate the look. Dark kohl and heavy mascara completes the look.

Zuri recommends: Makeup Revolution LondonSmokin 1 Eyeshadow

So just when you thought you were broke and couldn’t buy anymore makeup to do the smokey eye saga- we helped you! Enjoy!


by Mansi Kohli


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