5 Winter skin care beauty mistakes you could be making

This winter, try not to make these skin related beauty mistakes!

Look and feel your best with these 5 easy ways to head off everyday winter beauty blunders.beauty-mistakes-00

Beauty Mistake #1 – Bronzer overdose:

Its winter times and all those dull hued sweaters seem ideal to wear. However, you do want to jazz it up with a little bit of pop – be a neon clutch, red hot lips or a generous dose of bronzer. It’s a common mistake to dust bronzer all over your face. However, the right way to do it is to apply bronzer to the areas where the sun would naturally hit. Stick to the outer edges of your face – forehead, cheekbones and jawline primarily.beauty-mistakes-01

Beauty Mistake #2 – Ignoring your neck:

As part of your daily skin-care routine, do you cleanse and moisturize your neck? The winter makes the skin on your face dry and lifeless. The neck area is home to skin that is highly sensitive and is more prone to dryness than your face. The next time you moisturize – don’t stop at the chin. Make sure you carry on and take care of the thin, delicate skin on your neck too.beauty-mistakes-03

Beauty Mistake #3 – No sun. No sunscreen:

Just because the winter sun is weak or the sky is cloudy gloom, does not mean that you don’t require a sunscreen. Going without it even at this time of the year is a complete no-no. Even on a cloudy day, the UV rays of the sun are at its prime and if you go without a sunscreen, you will surely get tanned. Always wear sunscreen!beauty-mistakes-04

Beauty Mistake #4 – Hot water bath in the cold weather:

Using steaming hot water for a body bath and to wash your face can feel like heaven in this weather, but the resultant effect can be quite damaging. Hot water removes all the oils present in the skin and as a result, the  with it! We know one cant bathe in cold water but try and use tepid water instead!beauty-mistakes-05

Beauty Mistake #5 –  Not giving moisturizer enough time:

The creaminess of a moisturizer can cause makeup to thin out if the moisturizer hasn’t had enough time to soak into the skin. This can result in blotchiness and ultimately flakiness of your foundation. A better way to go about this, is to wait 60 seconds, until the moisturizer is absorbed and then apply foundation.

So, here is hoping that you won’t make these beauty mistakes. Have a glowing, supple skin this winter!

by Arati Krishna

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