Poll Tuesday #89 – What should you do with your hair

Just answer these 5 questions to know how much should you tweak your current hairstyle!Poll Tuesdays



3 or more A’s: Your superpower? Knowing how to grab your crush’s attention! Try one of these super flirty looks. Go for romantic ombre streaks and wear your hair in a super bouncy ponytail. The idea haircut is a little longer than shoulder-length, with tons of razor-cut layers to bring out your natural waves.

3 or more B’s: You’re super fashion-forward and love experimenting with new beauty fads. Add temporary streaks of bohemian color and try a new braided style on weekly basis. You are also going to look sizzling hot in a super-trendy pixie cut!

3 or more C’s: You’re not huge into crazy trends but love looking polished! Try one of these classic trends..Get a gloss treatment to add extra shine to your natural color and wear your hair in a simple-yet-pretty low bun. If you are looking to get a haircut, the shoulder length, with long layers and grown-out side-swept bangs is a perfect, go-to style.