8 Beauty secrets and hacks for a day-to-night makeup transformation

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Never-told-before beauty secrets for a day-to-night makeup transformation now revealed!

It is the season of partying and merrymaking. Pre-wedding dinners, office Christmas parties, or even an impromptu date night. Don’t let your office routine play a beauty bummer when it comes to having fun through your social calendar. Turning from Clark Kent to Superman will be easy with these 8 beauty secrets and hacks for a day-to-night makeup transformation.beauty-secrets-12

Equipped with these tricks and some good makeup will help you achieve the work-party balance in no time at all. So work hard, but party harder!

1. Just Add Liner:

Sometimes—especially when you’re fighting the clock—a little eyeliner can make all the difference in upgrading your daytime look. Just swipe on a bold cat eye, or channel your inner ’70s “Mod” with a graphic eyeliner.beauty-secrets-13 beauty-secrets-14

2. Or Smoke It Out:

If you’re already rocking winged liner, you’ve got the makings of a quick and dirty smokey eye on your hands, er, face. Smudge out your liner with a kohl pencil for seriously smouldering looks. Make sure to work some along the lower lash line, too. And, if you only have black liner to work with, swipe some along the upper and lower lash line and smudge it out with your finger. Dot a champagne shadow in the center of the lid for a bit of sparkle. Always put your foundation on your eyelids. It helps the shadow to stay longer, and makes you look more awake if you don’t even use shadow. beauty-secrets-15 beauty-secrets-16

This eye makeup transition can also be easily achieved using eye shadow by those who use eyeliner on a regular basis. Simply add smokey eye shadow to enhance the cat eye a little. What you need to remember to enhance your eyes is to concentrate on the outer ‘V’. Add a darker shadow to the outer V and lower lash line. Don’t forget to dab some shimmer in the inner corners of the eye, and you have an instant upgrade from day to night. beauty-secrets-17

3. Lush Lashes:

If you are not a fan of eyeliner, a pair of falsies or high power mascara can give you the vixen look as well. You may also choose glitter mascara or colored mascara for added impact.beauty-secrets-18

4. The Waterline Secret:

Apply a black pencil in the waterline of your eye. This will instantly add a little drama to the eye for your night out. Apply a dark brown or black shadow and use the smudger brush underneath bottom lashes for a soft smokey look.beauty-secrets-19

5. Use Bold Colors:

Transitioning from day to night is about adding drama to the face, a nice lipstick like for a statement lip, a colored liner or an unusual eye shadow will bring out the face and make it look action (and camera) ready.beauty-secrets-20

6. Load On the Highlighter:

Nothing says night-time like some serious strobing. Stash an illuminating stick or a shine-based lotion in your handbag and this could be your one weapon to help turn on your party mode.beauty-secrets-21 beauty-secrets-22

7. Create Statement Lips:

Taking cue from the above point, switching to a bolder lip color is a quick and easy way to transition from day to night. A bold red lip feels especially on point for the holiday season, and it just about the easiest up to amp up any look. Start by first lining your lips with a matte liner like the and then filling in with a bright red lipstick. If you’re going to focus on your eyes, try a nude. If you’re leaving your eye makeup natural, apply some bight lipstick to add a punch.beauty-secrets-23

8. Use a Blush to Contour:

Grab the same blush you may have used during the day, but use it in linear strokes on your cheekbones. Add some to the outside edges of your face to make your skin pop! Rather than using a dark shade to complete the contour, grab a thick brush and some bronzer, and sweep at your cheeks to create definition.beauty-secrets-24 beauty-secrets-25

What’s your personal favorite go-to day-to-night makeup trick? Tell us your secrets in the comments below!



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