6 Awesome new hair colours to try this winter 

Come 2017, sport all new hair colours for a sassy look!

Come winter and all those dull gray cardigans and sweaters have made their way to the front of our wardrobes. With all this dull-drome, shouldn’t we add some pop!new-hair-colours-01

And then again, the soon the follow summer is only going to add to your hair woes – we might as well go all out and try some new hair colors now. Let terra-cotta red, updated ombré, and Kylie Jenner’s rose gold convince you to experiment with your color. Here, are some of the newest hues that you must consider these winter months-

1. Rose Gold:

With a teaspoon of platinum and a tablespoon of pink – this color is an step above the anime pink that dominated our celebrity binoculars. A lot of Hollywood are seem to be sporting this shade – light and fun – it was recently seen on Hilary Duff, Elle Fanning, and Kylie Jenner. new-hair-colours-02

2. Succulent Tones:

We love those succulents. Then what should stop you from going the succulent way on your hair then? The latest hair hue is a match-up of colors inspired by none other than our neighborhood succulent plants. This multi toned color trend can be customized to your liking – darker jade plant hues or light aloe vera neon streaks. Happy Gardening!new-hair-colours-03

3. Surfer Streaks:

Hey Hey Hey! We know it makes more sense to go blonde and lighter hues in the summer, but why not start early! Try this bright warm hue that pretty much works all year through. Get this multi-dimensional style and work a beach summer blonde a little later maybe.new-hair-colours-04

4. Pumpkin Spice:

No we’re not talking about a Starbucks Latte! Pumpkin Spice hair with varying shades of golden blonde, chestnut and hazel brown painted over copper strands reminds me of shimmery brown leaves reflecting that evening sunlight. Warm and Beautiful! new-hair-colours-05

5. Au Natural

Not quite as much as you think! This could range from a dark brown black shade to a dark black brown shade. As close to old school natural as possible. Here’s some inspiration..new-hair-colours-06


6. Warm Peach:

Soft and vibrant – this almost orange shade is surprisingly flattering to most Indian skin types. Don’t worry! This juicy shade is will breathe a new life into your look!new-hair-colours-08

There are a host of new colors and looks that this year and this winter and sprung up. You can also chose from watermelon streaks, grombre flows, smoky violets, denim blues or just a color bleed of your favorite shades.

Write in to us to show us what you went ahead with!



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