3 Inspirational makeup looks to try this wedding season

by Aarti Krishna

All you ladies who are attending weddings this season, do get inspired by these stunning makeup looks!

Everyone seems to jumping on to the marriage bandwagon this year! Happy, Sad or Indifferent – weddings are the perfect occasion to thrown on your finery – be it designer lehengas and sarees or ancestral jewels! And what is finery without its complementary make up! Here are 3 inspirational make up looks that you must try this wedding season:makeup-looks-01

1. Look 1 – Simple and Sweet:

Pair an elaborate pink and gold outfit with glowing makeup. The light hint of blush on and shimmering gold eyeshadow will make your face glow at this joyous occasion.  What do you think is in focus in this simple, yet elegant look? We would say her long eyelashes and perfect pink-red lips are the focal points! Beautiful, right?  You can recreate this look with the following products:

2. Look 2 – Bronze Beauty:

An all-over bronzed look is beautiful and perfect for a destination wedding or one of those contemporary fusion weddings. Put together a white saree gown or pastel colored dhoti pants to make the most of this look. Bold hints of gold eyeliner and eyeshadow add a goddess-like feel to the makeup. Be generous with the bronzer – remember the cheekbones and jawline! The following products might help:

3. Look 3 – Vintage Wonder:

The bold lips – high hair buns with defined curls – thick, winged eyeliner make this look similar to how 1960s Bollywood heroines might have looked on-screen. The make up is over the top, loud and in your face! As bad as that sounds – it’s still awe inspiring and absolutely stunning! Don’t miss this hair bun accessory kit – a complete kit that includes a combination of 7 hair accessories:

And as they say – As precious as the ocean’s treasure; too deep for anyone to measure. Two hearts, joined together; sharing their lives forever! Weddings are joyous occasions to be celebrated with much pomp and glory! Hence, always remember whatever you wear or not – be sure to wear your best smile at all times! Then again, happy girls are the prettiest girls, right!




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