17 Classic updo hairstyles for all face types

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at some of the classiest updo hairstyles that suit all face-types!

Updos are the new ponytails! They are easy-to-do and pretty much look good on all face types as well as hair textures. At a party, no one lady would end up wearing the same updo as the other one. Thanks to the variations, types, and styles. The only advice we have is that every time you are styling your hair in an updo, do make sure that the hair is clean and you have plenty of hairpins handy.updo-hairstyles-32

For girls who are having a hard time putting their shoulder-length hair up and those who are terribly sick of wearing their hair long and open, a quick fix solution is an updo- messy, twisted, top knots and what not. But here are three more popular styles to try this season!

1. Braided updo:

From soft to double to double Dutch fishtail, braided updos are chic and stylish. There are plenty of beautiful variations possible in just this one type of updo hairstyle! It is incredible, easy-to-do and so much fun to sport. Besides, braids are all the rage this season. For an updated look, check out some of the best-braided updo images shared towards the end of this post and learn how to change an ordinary hairstyle into an extra trendy look. A recommendation: Do apply a few drops of shine serum on the braid to keep flyaways at bay!updo-hairstyles-33


2. Star inspired red carpet updo:

For the red carpet events of your life, we suggest you opt for these star-studded, Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities inspired updos meant for all face cuts and hair types. Look cute in Emma Watson’s inspired ‘hair gems on ballerina bun’ for a date night, classy in Deepika Padukone’s sleek updo for a friend’s wedding or Aishwarya Rai’s ‘read red carpet updo’ on a cocktail evening. Whatever be your preferred choice, just don’t forget to wear a beautiful smile on these occasions!updo-hairstyles-34


3. Banded updo (updo with headband):

For all you sassy girls who are bored of the regular updos, here is something to amp up your style statement. Get inspired by Emma Watson’s double banded updo, wear your classic winged eyeliner look and red pout this winter season. Whether it’s a long face or an oval-shaped one, from round to square, an updo with a stylish hair accessory that pushes the front hair towards the back of your head is a great way to look neat and sexy. This look can also look vintage and bridal. Sport the banded updo hairstyle with an evening gown, saree, LBD, casual outfits or the traditional ones. An updo with a headband is extremely versatile.updo-hairstyles-35


Here are few options to select from!




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